If you’re not sleeping as well as you should, here are some nifty tips to get you there

For years, I had regular bouts with insomnia-and I found myself unable to concentrate and focus, and if you ask my family they’d say I was even irritable.  Let’s face it, when you don’t sleep well you’re just not at your best no matter how many energy drinks you down or how many cups of coffee you slurp.

Your body/mind batteries need to be recharged every single night for you to be at your best. I think people really do take the whole issue of sleep sort of as an afterthought.  I think perfect proof of this is if you’ve got all kinds of gadgets and gizmos like TVs and computers in your bedroom.
So let’s go over some tips that should help us actually use the bedroom for what it’s mostly meant for, sleeping.

1..Ditch the wild purple and yellow walls along with your favorite Texas chainsaw massacre posters.  That is, unless you’re 16 — when this sort of thing seems to be a requirement for bedroom decor.  Chances are if you’re 16 you probably have no trouble at all falling to sleep pretty much anywhere- so feel free to keep the crazy decor.
Try more calming, cool colors like shades of blue, green, or more neutral tones of ivory, tan and such to help calm your mood to help you relax and drift off to sleep easier.

2.. Do yourself a favor and think about moving your computer your stereos your televisions into another room altogether. If you regularly have trouble getting to sleep, then watching TV in bed isn’t a great idea.  And having a computer there is actually distracting as well.You want to create a bedroom that’s calming and relaxing. If you resist this idea just try it for a week and see if it works.

3.. Try a humidifier or air purifier especially if you’re in a dry climate. You’ll breathe easier with the air quality being better. I can’t believe how much better I sleep using a humidifier every night.  It’s easier to breathe and the white noise drowns out all the other street noises that would normally keep me awake.  I used to use earplugs for many years, and this worked beautifully until I put one in too far and my eardrum was slightly damaged.  So if you’re tempted to use earplugs please be careful so that doesn’t happen to you.

4.. Keep your bedroom organized and clean. Get yourself a good closet organizer and keep all of your clothes and shoes in order. Keep stuff picked up and clutter down. Having everything in its place will give you a sense of calm. Sure beats wading through piles of clothes strewn about the place.

5.. Your bedroom should be as dark as possible, so make sure your drapes and window treatments are up to the job — this applies especially for those of us who are or have worked night shifts.

6.. If you can’t get to sleep after about 20 minutes, then experts say you’re supposed to get up.Try reading for a few minutes, or watch TV if you need to until you’re ready to go back to bed and try again.  The point is to condition yourself to be ready to go to sleep when your head hits the pillow.

Try some of these tips even though you may not think that they’ll work for you. All you have to lose is not getting any sleep, right…?