Ideas And Solutions For Your Bedroom Decor And Bedding Needs

People are working harder than ever in a stressful work environment.A good night’s sleep therefore is more important than ever. After a hard day’s work you should be entitled to beautiful sleep on your bed in a well decorated bed room. We need to pay more attention to the bedroom. What are things to do to improve our sleeping experience and comfort?

Here are some ideas and tips to improve life in the bedroom.

First of all, get a bed that is big enough for you. Ideally get a king or queen size bed for you and your partner. You need a comfortable mattress. There are different types of construction and materials ranging from springs to foam to latex. Choose one that suits you.

Next come the bed linen. If you want your bedroom to look like a luxurious hotel room, then you need to pick high quality bed linen. It may cost more but it’s worth it as it can last for decades!

How do you determine its quality? It depends on the quality of the fiber and the number of threads woven per inch. The higher the thread count, the softer and more durable. Choose thread count of at least 200. Pure linen is comfortable and cooling. Pure Linen comes from the plant Flax and its white color comes from the plant itself. Pure linen becomes stronger when it is wet. So that is no fear of damaging it during washing.

Nowadays pure linen may be mixed with cotton or other synthetic fiber like polyester so that it is crease free after drying. Cotton is also a firm favorite. It is extremely durable and has the best wear resistance among all fabrics. Repeated washings make cotton fabric even softer to the touch. Pure Linen is lighter than cotton and has better texture. Cotton is better for reproducing print designs.

Some people still use bedspread to cover their beds. Bedspreads are kept away at night during sleep. Comforters let you cover the bed during the day with convenience and ease. In the night you can sleep under it and it provides warmth and comfort. You can choose feathers or down. Of course, down is better. Goose down is better than duck down. The comforter keeps you warm and at the same time decorates your bed. Consider getting reversible comforters for more choices of colors and styles.

White linen is a good choice for your bed as it can match easily with your bedroom decor.You can also have matching color schemes with the bed linen matching the walls or the curtains or even the decor of your bathroom. Sometimes , contrasting fabric colors also add an interesting element to your bedroom.

Another idea is to have different patterns featuring the same color. For sheer class and elegance decorate your bed with a bed skirt. You can have a loveseat in front of your bed and a little table too. A rug on the floor adds further warmth to the room.

The bedroom is where you seek solace . In your private moment you may want to read a book or watch television. Make sure you have adequate lighting . A table lamp next to your armchair would be ideal.

You would also like ample storage space. Consider installing shelving above your headboard.

Lastly, you can personalize your room by displaying some decorative items like a vase or pictures.