How To Make A Homemade Wall Table

A wall table is a nice fixture that makes a room more stylish. It also gives homeowners additional space after it is folded away. The process of making a mounted wall table is not challenging. If you implement the proper procedures, you can make a table that has great professional features.

Project Requirements

For this project, you will need a stud finder, a drill, several screws, a pencil, and measuring tape. An 18 by 18-inch table top and a few 16 by 18-inch shelf brackets are also required.

Project Instructions

The first step involves finding the studs in the wall where the table will be mounted. Use the stud finder and highlight the location of each stud with your pencil. Select two studs that are 16 inches apart; this is where you should mount the table.

You must position the shelf brackets properly; the 18-inch end should be pointed down the paneling. Also, the right angle should be about one inch under the table line. Before you secure the brackets, ensure that they are even.

Centering the table top on the brackets is the next step. You can use a pre-fabricated or a plywood table top. The table’s back edge should be flush against the wall. To secure it, simply screw the brackets underneath the wood.

Legs should be attached to each side of the table. However, one leg must be secured with a hinge.

By installing molding, the table will have a more finished look. To achieve the best results, place the molding around the entire table top. You can secure the molding will a few finish nails.

The final hinges must be mounted under the table along the rear. After the first hinge is secured, place other one on the another side of the table. This hinge will support the brace near the top of the table.

How to Maintain Your Table

After your table is built, you must dust it often. Dust particles are not harmless; if heavy dust builds up on your table, the particles will scratch the finish. You should dust the table every week with a lint-free cloth. A cheesecloth or an old t-shirt can also provide great results. Do not use dusting products that are sold in spray cans because the silicones will soak into the grain. Instead, clean the table with a slightly dampen cloth.

If you plan to use your table for dining purposes, always use a coaster. However, if someone leaves a watermark on your table, you can remove it by rubbing mayonnaise on it.