How to fix dents and scratches in your wooden folding card table

If you look around your home, there is a better than average chance that you will see at least two or more pieces of furniture that are made from wood. This is an excellent material for furniture, especially since it will generally match with almost anything you own. Repairing an heirloom is one thing and might warrant the need for a professional to address the issues. When it comes to something like a card table, there are other less dramatic options to make it look decent again. The first thing you should do is to evaluate the table and make sure that the issues are not part of a bigger problem, and the table is worth fixing.

What You Need To Fix A Dent

The solution for fixing a dent is to raise the wood, and that can generally be accomplished through a process that steams the material. You will need three items to complete this task, a cloth or paper towel, an iron that you would use to flatten or press your clothes and some water. Locate the dent and pour some water on it without flooding the entire table. The goal is to cover the dent and nothing else.

The Process

Place your cloth or paper towel on top of the water and the dent and the water should begin to blot through it. Take your iron, which should already be on and set to high and apply it to the cloth. Apply a decent amount of pressure to the iron moving it around on top the cloth before. You may need to repeat the process a few times until the wood reverts to its original state. More often than not, this will be enough to help you achieve your goal. If you still see an outline, then you should be able to fix it by rubbing some sandpaper over the affected area.”

Dealing With Scratches

Unlike an heirloom or some other treasured piece of furniture, a card table will encounter a lot of use and scratches. Based on the depth of the scratches it is feasible to disguise them using a variety of home remedies. Eyebrow pencil, crayon, iodine, shoe polish and permanent markers are just a few tools that have proven successful in covering up scratches with the least amount of time and energy.

Challenging Scratches

Card tables with deeper scratches could be a little more challenging. You can remove your scratches using the same method as the dents with the iron, cloth and water and the results should be just as effective. It is important to remember that you must keep the iron in motion to provide you with the desired results. Simple scratches can also be removed using sandpaper that has been moistened with water.