How Do I Make Stiff Bed Linen Soft ?

How do I make stiff bed linen soft” is a common question from new homemakers as well as those with years of experience. When purchased, bed linen can feel stiff and uninviting. Much of this is caused by the sizing added to fabric during manufacturing.

Asking how do I make stiff bed linen soft will result in many different opinions and answers. There are some responses that will be the same from the advice gathered from many people. The key is to understand that buying quality bed linen ensures that your bedding will become softer and softer over time.

The term “hand” as used in the language of bedding refers to how the fabric feels when touched by the human hand. Almost all sheets and pillow cases, especially those made of 100% cotton rather than a blend of polyester and other content, come out of their original package with a stiff hand.

Quality bedding will, after machine laundering, develop a softer hand immediately and, over time and many launderings, becomes softer still.

When new bed linens are washed, the fabric actually becomes more absorbent and luminous.  Before initial use, read the care instructions label on the bedding. You must heed these instructions. Even though you have added bleach to white linens, some white bedding today cautions against adding chlorine bleach because the fabric can yellow as a result. If the care instructions label on the bedding bothers your sensitive skin, remove the label, but be sure to attach it to an index card which contains a description of the sheets or other bedding from which it was removed, the date of purchase, and other information you might need in the future. Tape or tack the completed index card inside your linen closet for future reference.

When laundering bedding, always use gentle soap. If anyone in your family suffers from skin irritation, the laundry detergent can often be determined as the culprit. Using a fragrance-free, gentle soap such as Woolite can make bed linens softer while preventing irritation to sensitive skin. When washing baby bed linens, you definitely want to use a very gentle soap since baby’s skin is hyper-sensitive to irritation caused by stiff linens.

The answer to the question of how do I make stiff bed linen soft may vary based on the hardness or softness of your water supply. If your water supply offers hard water, meaning that there are certain minerals in the water in specific amounts, you probably have noticed an especially tough to remove soap scum circle in your tub or shower stall.

You might also have noticed cleaning products failing to work as well as in the past. The best solution to hard water is to add a household water softener to the water supply as it enters the home, allowing softened water to be supplied to each faucet, nozzle, or water supply in the entire home. Cleaning will be easier, fabrics will last longer, and linens will be softer after laundering and drying.