Home Property Insurance is Important To Protect Expensive Bedding and Pillows

Let’s be honest – nobody likes to pay for insurance.  However, when unexpected situations arise,  you’ll sure be glad that you have the claim to help reimburse you for these unfortunate damages.  One common type of insurance that is often overlooked is home insurance.  More specifically, home property insurance is one of the common things that both renters and homeowners ignore.

Of course, home insurance can cover basic things such as structural damage as a result of unforeseen events such as fire, wind, theft, floods, etc.   However, they can also protect you and your family by covering things that you can’t live without in your home (living expenses).  And,  if you have expensive bedding, pillows, mattresses, linens, comforters, etc., this coverage could be a huge blessing.

Do you know how expensive luxury mattresses can get?  Hastens, a renowned Swedish company, makes one of the most expensive beds in the world.  It’s called “The Vividus”, which means “Full of Life” in Latin sells for approximately $60,000.   Some  that own this bed have compared it to “sleeping on a cloud.”   With the average mattress costing around $500-$800, I would prefer to check the difference in the bank.  Just having the extra $59,000 would help me sleep better by itself.  But, if you did own “The Vividus”, make sure you get home property insurance!