Hawaiian Bedspreads For Tropical Flair

Hawaiian bedspreads offer a decorating boon to anyone seeking a lush, tropical theme for their bedroom. Not only are great bedspreads created in colorful prints associated with the Hawaiian Islands, but quite a lot of these beautiful bedding items are made in Hawaii so they are truly authentic!

Hanalei Home offers luxurious, elegant tropical quilted bedspreads. These thick, gorgeous print bedspreads drape to the floor and are 18 inches longer than most bedspreads to make is easy to cover the bed pillows. These hand-quilted bedspreads outlines the flowers and leaves of each design to create a 3-D effect. All four sides are hemmed, adding just the right amount of weight to ensure they look and feel luxurious.

Hanalei Home offers Hawaiian bedspreads in sizes from twin to California king and even e-king. Matching pillow shams, throw pillows and curtains are available to help create the perfect Hawaiian style bedroom. Hanalei Home makes each bedspread to order. Fabric choices available include Tropical Garden which is multicolored Hawaiian flowers, Blue Palm which depicts palm trees in blue on a neutral background, Bird of Paradise, Orchids, Plumeria, and dozens of other beautiful fabrics.

Hawaiian Bedding offers top-quality bedspreads in traditional tropical prints. These 100% cotton bedspreads have three ounce polyester fill. Each is designed and made in Hawaii and every bedspread comes with two matching large pillow shams. Choose from designs such as Tropical Flowers in which flowers are set against a dark blue, light blue, or light green background, White Orchids which is available in white on slate blue, Banana Leaves which depicts leaves in shades of green on a white background.

Kenui Quilt offers bedspreads that are hand-quilted in the traditional Hawaiian quilting style. Every quilt has over 250,000 stitches, which means there are six to eight stitches per inch! Appliqu‚ designs are blind stitched on background fabric; then the entire bedspread is quilted in either a ripple or echo pattern. All standard bedding sizes are available in patterns such as Silversword which depicts this Hawaiian plant in shades of silver on a dark green background. White Ginger is a beautiful design which depicts the native white ginger blossoms on a deep green background. Catleya Orchid is quilted in a round pattern and shows the beautiful appliqu‚d orchid blossoms on a white background. There are a total of 21 designs from which to choose, each of which is fabulously beautiful and luxurious.

Hauai Fine Arts offers bedspreads make using the Batik art of waxing and boiling the fabric to create fantastic color designs. Made from 100% cotton, hand painted, and hand stitched, once the Batik pattern is finished, it is run resistant and can be machine laundered using the gentle laundry cycle. Designs include a Hawaiian traditional Breadfruit design in blue on white, Royal Kahali in blue or red on a white background, Kahali pattern in red or green on a white background, Lotus which depicts lotus flowers in green and pink on a white background, Silversword in shades of silver on a white background, and a rainbow of other designs.