Handmade baby blankets: that personal touch for baby

A handmade baby blanket is an extra special way to keep any baby warm and cozy. And all babies deserve the most special blankets available! By choosing handmade items, you know that care and attention to detail has gone into making the baby blanket for your little one.

Handmade blankets make great shower or birth gifts for any baby. If you’re searching for just the right shower gifts, one that will be treasured for years, select a handmade gift for the baby.

You can have the babies name and date of birth embroidered on. You could even add some cute little designs like angels, frogs or butterflies too!

It’s a gift that will always be remembered. If you’re handy, or a craftsperson, you could spend some time and make the blanket yourself. But of course, people are really busy, so most of the time this just won’t work.

You may not even have the skills necessary to create such a blanket. I’m personally all thumbs when it comes to this sort of thing!

Fortunately, there are beautiful handcrafted baby blankets available on the market at amazingly affordable prices. These blankets will only look expensive! It’s easy to locate handmade blankets for baby because most of the artists offer their wares on the Internet. You could spend hours browsing through the different blankets for baby that are handmade.

•If you like crochet blankets, you’ll find those in many different patterns such as the shell stitch, the granny square, or rainbow patterns. You can choose traditional pink, blue, yellow or green solids, or combinations of colors and bright patterns.

•Knitted baby blankets are also very popular and can often be found in some of the softest yarns for baby to cuddle in. You’ll find affordable prices on both crochet and knitted handmade blankets.

•Another blanket for baby that will be long treasured is the baby quilt. Simply a smaller version of the one you may have on your bed, the colors used encompass the entire rainbow. Traditional quilt patterns are used by the crafters of handmade baby quilts and you can locate them online at very good prices.

Handmade blankets for baby require many hours on the part of the craftsperson or artist who creates them. When you find the prices of these handmade treasures, you’ll wonder how anyone can possibly sell such a beautiful item at such a low price. And they don’t charge extra for the love put into each handmade blanket for baby!