Girl nursery bedding – cherry blossom style

When I started shopping for my first girls nursery bedding, I almost got overwhelmed at the sheer number of choices to decide from.

Now that I have seven kids, I’m not intimidated anymore, as you can well imagine.

I never heard of famous names like Banana Fish, Baby Martex or Kidsline brands of baby bedding, but since then I’ve learned it doesn’t have to be so complicated to find a nice quality and reasonably priced, not to mention a really cute set of baby girl bedding for your nursery.

Did you know you can get baby girl crib bedding in virtually any type of theme you can imagine…?  Whether you love puppies, frogs, ducks, camouflage, fire trucks or smiley faces, you will absolutely be able to find bedding for your nursery in that theme in almost any color imaginable to boot.  How fun is that…?

This is the time to let your creativity loose and have some fun!  Why not get several sets and switch them out when you get bored… that’s what I did and I had a lot of fun with it over the years.

One of the sets of baby girl crib bedding that I got was by Kidsline.  It’s called Cherry Blossom, and it comes as a six piece crib bedding set. The whole thing only set me back a bit over $200 at the time of this writing.

I thought it was cute because it was cheerful with the pink red and white colors. It’s a little frilly but not overly so.  It comes with a diaper stacker, dust ruffle, bumper that goes all around, a really cute quilt, fitted sheet and even a valance. It’s all easy care and has pretty much kept its bright colors after I don’t know how many washings.

Some of the optional things that I got for the nursery was the area rug, the music mobile, the lamp and the hamper, which are all perfectly coordinated to go together very nicely.  Then all I did was put my own comfy chair in the corner and I was good to go.  I enjoyed spending time and making memories in that cool little nursery with all of my kids. I hope you’ll do the same too.