Getting Sheets for Bunkbeds

Once upon a time, only white cotton bed sheets were available for bunkbeds, but today, you can get solids of any color, stripes, pinstripes, prints of all kinds with everything from action heroes to animals and everything else you can think of under the sun…including the sun too. In fatc there are so many choices you might have a hard time actually deciding on bunkbed sheets.

Some pointers:

Measure Your Bed – Check to make sure that you are purchasing the right kind of bed sheets for your bunkbeds. This should be fairly easy, as the majority of bunkbeds are “twin over twin” models. However, if you have “twin over full” model, you will have to buy two kinds of bed sheets: one for the twin bed and one for the full.

Check The Thread Count – If you are purchasing a bunk bed for your college dorm room have a taste for the finer things, make certain to check on the thread count. “Thread count” simply refers to the number of threads in a single square inch of fabric. It can be as high as 700 or as low as 80, though most stores sell sheets that are in the 150 to 350 range. A higher thread count usually (but not always) indicates that the material is very soft to the touch. Thread counts of around 200 will do nicely for a childs room and give you some extra durability over what’s typically offered for kids bedding.

Choose Your Material – You should also settle on exactly what you want your bed sheets to be made of. Cotton is the most common material because it is simultaneously comfortable, durable and easy to clean. This makes it the widely used bunkbed bed sheets for small children. For a little extra, you can purchase wrinkle resistant cotton, which can help your bed sheets looking good for longer periods of time.

If you happen to live a particularly cold part of the country, you may consider putting flannel bed sheets on your bunkbeds. They are extra warm and soft- I love flannel sheets when it’s cold!

Buy extra sheets – Having a spare set of bed sheets for your bunkbeds can come in handy for a number of reasons. If your bed sheets get stained, and you won’t have the opportunity to wash them for a couple days, you can simply switch them out. They are also particularly useful if you have small children who are still being potty trained. Go for 3 sets if possible. 1 on the bed, one in the closet and 1 in the laundry. This will help all of your bedding last longer too by the way.

For common white cotton bed sheets, you should only wash them with other white clothes. Since white sheets don’t have any dyes that can bleed, it is usually safe to get them extra clean with bleach detergents when necessary. With heavier fabrics, such as flannel, it’s a good idea to go easy on the detergent. The thickness of the sheets means that it will be hard to get all of the soap out during the rinse cycle. Now you have the perfect bunk bed for your childs bedroom!