20 Things To Pack In Your Hospital Bag For Child Birth

You’ve probably realised by now that doing as much preparation as possible prior to giving birth can help you feel more relaxed. Packing a hospital bag in preparation for your birth is a necessary part of this pre-birth preparation.

I have included as much detail as possible and there are items that you may wish to discard or add to the list. For obvious reasons it would be better to select darker rather than light clothing. Here’s the 20 essentials.

1. Wash bag

Shampoo, conditioner, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush, deodorant, moisturiser, cleaning wipes, lip balm and some make up. Some amount of make up may help you feel more comfortable when visitors arrive.

2. 2 x Sponges

One small sponge for sips of water and sponging your face and a larger one for sponging you down. Some women prefer to take a water spray for cooling down during labor.

3. Towels x 2

Fairly obvious what these are for!

4. Two or three clean nightdresses

Pick a dark colour and select a front opening style.

5. Underwear

Plenty of pairs of dark knickers, socks and your nursing bras. (See the end of this article for a free breastfeeding guide)

6. Dressing Gown and slippers

7. Something to wear during labor

Most opt for a large comfortable t-shirt (better than a hospital gown) and a hair bobble.

8. Ear plugs

May enable you to get some sleep while other babies are crying.

9. Mobile/Money/Phone Card

Obviously, so you can make some calls.

10. Anti-constipation tablets

Constipation is uncomfortable but it will be painful if you have had stitches.

11. Books/Music

Things to keep you occupied in hospital

12. A warm loose fitting cardigan or similar

In case you get cold while in hospital.

13. Camera and film

To take pictures of course!

14. Clothes to wear home

Unfortunately normally still your maternity clothes.

15. Maternity pads

Very thick sanitary towels.

16. Breast pads

You’ll soon discover that breast milk doesn’t just flow at feeding time, especially early on.

17. Rubber ring

Child’s inflatable swimming ring aid. May be more comfortable to sit on if you have stitches.

18. Glucose tablets

For that extra energy

19. A tennis ball in a sock

Can help with alleviating back pain during labor

20. Clothes/Nappies For Your Baby

Sleep suits, vests, scratch mittens, nappies/diapers, nappy/diaper cream, cotton wool and blankets. Make sure your partner has the car seat ready to bring you from his car.

It’s unlikely that you’ll need anything else if use this list. The only other thing to remember to bring with you is your birth plan, which you may wish to also pack in this bag.