Frog Bedding For A Happy Nursery

Whether you’re bringing home a new baby just now or expecting and don’t know whether it’s going to be a girl or boy frog bedding is one of the cutest options that you could select for your nursery. The frog Prince baby crib bedding set features light green yellow and ivory colors which are soothing and warm and cozy for your little one to sleep happily.

It features yellow and white chenille cotton fabric with fine lady woven plaid in green and yellow.  You’ll also get gingham which is highly unusual for most Frog baby bedding and shows you the dedication to detail that the manufacturer is dedicated to. Add to that white velour of cotton and plush velvety appliqués for a beautifully detailed crib bedding set for your infant that will be both durable and beautiful.

Included in this frog bedding set is a flat sheet, dust ruffle, crib bumper, and comforter.  You’ll find a gorgeous little frogs sporting crowns on their heads, sitting on lily pads with his buddies the turtles and dragonflies right there with him.  You’ll really be amazed and delighted at the texturing of this baby bedding — I can tell you it’s truly beautiful and plush and even luxurious.
You can get matching accessories for your baby’s nursery such as

A musical mobile
decorator pillows in the same frog Prince design — each available with the frog or turtle or dragonfly.
A toy bag
a coordinating yellow lampshade
plush toy
shelf basket

And even-

Wall hangings and decor
matching green baskets for toys

The only limit to creating the perfect frog bedding nursery is your imagination. Add a comfortable rocking chair or recliner in any shade of green or complementary shade of yellow that you like, put one of the decorator pillows on it and you’ll have the perfect place to sit and rock your baby and dream of what the future holds.