Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some commonly asked questions regarding wood fences. In order to better serve you, please contact us or an approved contractor/sponsor
so we can answer these questions directly as it pertains to your fence.

-Can you provide us some product information regarding wood fences?

-Do you have spaced picket panels types of wood fences (ie. the ones with closer picket spacing)?

-With your wood fences, are gates available?

-Do you offer ways to decorate my post tops (ie. finials or post caps)?

-How deep should I bury fence posts?

-Should all my wood fence posts be set in concrete?

-When installing my wood fence, wat type of nails/screws should I use?

-If I have a sloped landscape or there’s a hill, how do I install a fence panel?

-If I were to buy wood from Lowes or Home Depot, are installation instructions available?

-What type of care and maintenance will my wood fence need?

-Should I stain or paint my wood fence?