Fom pillows: what you may not know about them

Fom pillows will come in many varieties:

•Contoured shape that we’re all familiar with by now

•traditional pillow shape that people have become used to

•travel pillows- that wrap around the back of your neck

Some of the qualities that foam pillows are most popular for:

machine washable in most cases, allergy free- repel dust, mites and bacteria, don’t require fluffing and in some cases they even come with a warranty.

Some of the best foam pillows are made with very dense-visco-elastic foam. This very dense material comes right out of the space program!

Some of the better ones will be more expensive, but will come with nice high thread count covers and even 10 year warranties.

If you want a really nice, dense foam pillow that will last, support your neck and spine properly, then check for density weight of 4 or more. The higher the density number is, the more you can expensive your pillow will be.

‘4’ density should be a great pillow that will do what it’s supposed to-that is support your head and spine properly, aligning everything for the best sleep possible. There are also more economical choices for this type of foam pillow (that look the same). These are less dense and will tend to break down faster, so you’ll have to replace them more often.

So if you want a very dense, high quality foam pillow, then look for terms like

•Tempur-Pedic (the first and most trusted name in foam pillows) •Novaform to make sure that you get the highest quality possible for your foam pillow!