Float off to sleep on a cool water pillow!

A water pillow can be just the thing for someone with neck problems. It’s just like having a waterbed for your neck. Pretty-cool!

Regular pillows can’t nearly match the ability of water pillows to conform to the movement of your head and neck and provide continual support.

People who have had surgery on their neck vertebrae often require special support in that region. Cervical collar-shaped water pillows can provide relief from pain that few other methods of resting the head can.

If your doctor recommends a water pillow for your neck, check with your insurance company. Many insurance carriers will pay for your pillow if your doctor prescribes this treatment for you.

Most of these pillows contain a water bladder, some of which can be removed and heated or chilled, which is inserted into a pillow cover with padding and a pillow case. The water bladder is usually of thick rubber or flexible plastic and is not easily punctured accidentally.

However, reasonable caution should be practiced when using a water containing pillow near electricity. It’s just common sense to be cautious of water and electricity! For this reason, most of these pillows do not provide a heat source inside the pillow.

It’s not a good idea use a water pillow along with a heating pad either. These pillows are available in a number of sizes and shapes, the most common, however, are the rectangular bed pillow and the cervical color pillow.

If you shop around online, you can find other shapes such as the round pillow, which can be helpful with hip problems, and also square one . The cost of good quality water pillows is not high and you might expect, and with proper care, your new pillow will last for a good long while!