Fleece throws: small and wonderful additions

Fleece throws are pretty neat, smaller versions of full size blankets. Usually throws come in 50″ by 60″ or 50″ by 70″

A perfect little fleece throw blanket have many uses. If you’re shopping around for a throw, then you’ll be thrilled at the huge varieties available online. A fleece throw is a handy companion in lots of situations:

giving as gifts

hanging on the wall at college

take them to a game

in the car for traveling

on the sofa for reading or watching TV

on the bed for an extra bit of warmth

or to have handy for the baby

They’re as colorful as they are versatile, and come in all sorts of colors, some of most popular:

powder blue…… cheery yellow……. bright orange……. hunter green…… berry…… ivory…… white…… midnight blue…..and yes even┬áplaid

Throws come with various designs too, featuring: college teams and logos which are really a cool way to show your team spirit.

Cartoon characters for kids Fleece is so popular to make throws out of because this material is so soft and warm! These throws are made of spun polyester that is combed to stand up at a uniform height and then sheared off so you get that luxurious feeling when you run your hand across it.

Warmer than cotton, but lighter than wool, fleece is a perfect throw blanket to snuggle up in.