What you probably don’t know about fleece blankets

Many people are surprised when they find out that most of their fleece blankets are made of knit polyester, sometimes with some cotton thrown in. They’re lightweight and warm, and that’s what counts when you want a soft, plush blanket for your bed or your baby.

When shopping online for 100% fleece blankets, throws and baby blankets, you may want to keep a couple tips in mind..

Among the most well-known and respected names in fleece are,

Dralon    Polartech    Dyerberg    Malden     Dyertech

With these brand names and manufacturers, you can be sure that you have the best fleece blankets available. They go through a lot of extra steps to assure that the blankets are tough, durable and soft.

They’ll actually comb the fleece so the strands stand up, and then shear them off at a uniform height. This assures that your fleece blanket will not ‘pill’ after repeated washings and normal use.

Pilling means that small balls form on your blanket when strands of the fabric loosen and wrap together. It also means that your fleece blanket will not insulate as well as it did at first. This kind of durability may or may not be important to you when you’re deciding on a fleece blanket, throw or baby blanket.

But now you know about some things to keep in mind. Either way, you’re sure to find just what you need when shopping online!