Flannel sheets: warm, cozy and inviting

Flannel sheets, just like flannel shirts, provide warmth along with softness. The extra warmth provided by a flannel sheet set makes them the perfect winter time sheets for your bedroom decor. Flannel holds in heat very effectively.

By placing sheets made of 100% brushed flannel cotton on your bed during the cold months of winter, you will find that you can turn the thermostat down several degrees and remain toasty warm. Nifty.

Flannel bed linens, especially heavier ounce options, are made with better quality fabric. These will last a lot longer though machine washings and won’t pill and get thin like cheaper flannel fabric will.

I found that I actually sleep deeper and more restfully when I use these sheets. Maybe you will too!

You’ll find some really wonderful flannel sheets in a wide variety or colors that will compliment or match almost any bedroom decor- some of the most popular are: •hunter green •midnight blue •ivory •grey •vibrant red

Don’t stop with just the sheets, buy pillowcases that come with sheets sets that are available in flannel these days. You can also purchase flannel sheet sets in the “bed in a bag” sets where you get a fitted and flat sheet plus two pillow cases.

If you love to have those extra decorative bed pillows on the bed for reading or relaxing, then you could then buy a couple extra flannel pillow cases in a contrasting color to add a touch of flair to your bedroom decor. Of course, you could just purchase those extra pillowcases in flannel that just match the sheets if you’re not that adventurous.

Sheets that are made with cotton flannel fabric also make great gifts. Like Wedding gifts- where most people will probably give “fancy” satin. Cotton sheet sets like flannel can be your chance to give the new couple a very practical gift to prepare the couple for the many winters they will spend together.

Christmas time is another great time for giving sheets made of flannel since they can be put to good use right away during that cold winter. Even the most romantic couple will enjoy the warm and inviting feel of flannel on their bed when the weather is cold outside. In fact, when it’s cold and snowing, there is nothing more romantic that snuggling together between sheets made of flannel.