Finally an allergy-free alternative to down pillows: Primaloft!

Primaloft down pillows are filled with a cool new down alternative material! For those who think they can’t have to comfort of down due to allergies or just the hassle of having down feathers stick them and sometimes work through lesser quality pillows, Primaloft has the perfect alternative down for your pillows!

Another surprise is that Primaloft makes pillows that are machine washable! As most people already know, down simply will not machine wash properly. And attempting to machine wash will only result in lumping and matting, completely ruining the pillow filled with down.

With Primaloft pillows, this problem is solved! Primaloft fill is 85% polyester and 15% acetate.

The feel of down remains in the pillows filled with Primaloft, but neither the price or care is nearly like true down!

Pillows filled with Primaloft will hold their shape yet provide the down comfort and feel. Primaloft is recommended by doctors for people who suffer from allergies.

Down is a very common allergy causer and with the new down alternative, Primaloft has created the perfect pillow that have the feel and luxury of real down, but without the sneezes.

Primaloft will last only about one-third as long as true down. However, most people keep their pillows long after they are in proper condition to use anyway. Pillows should be replaced every two to three years to provide the best health and best sleep. Many people, however, sleep on the same pillows, down or fiber, for ten years or more! Even if the pillows are cleaned properly and regularly, there is a build up of skin flakes and body oils that have built up in those pillows over the years. Throw them out!!

Buy some new pillows of alternative down Primaloft! Primaloft alternative down pillows come in every size all the way up to the long body pillows so many people love. All machine wash, but if you choose the larger pillows it is recommended you not wash them in your home washing machine due to their weight when wet. The Primaloft alternative down filling creates pillows that tumble dry or air dry very quickly.