Faux fur blankets

Faux fur blankets provide a sense of posh luxury anywhere you choose to use them. The care of faux fur is easy and the durability provides a long lasting blanket for you to enjoy.

They make great throws for snuggling under in front of the fireplace or on the sofa on cold winter nights and they can be used as bedspreads as well.

A faux fur blanket can be obtained in just about any animal look you prefer. Zebra, tiger, buffalo, lion, leopard are just a few of the faux fur patterns you’ll find readily available.

Many faux fur products are even machine washable. However, don’t try this in your home washing machine because the wet blanket will be much too heavy for a normal washing machine to handle successfully.

Take the special blanket to a heavy duty commercial grade washer at the laundry mat to be cleaned. You can find many blankets of faux fur via the Internet or at your larger department stores. They are all the rage this year. If you like a jungle theme in the bedroom, these are a must-have to complete the look.

Be certain to read what the material used to create the faux fur is made of. If you shop locally, handle the blanket and be certain that loose fur does not stick to your hand. If the blanket is shedding in the store, just think of what will happen after you take it home!

It’s far better to pay a bit more and get a better quality polyester faux fur product than to purchase a low priced product that will not hold up to daily use! Faux fur can be alot of fun! You can add a blanket and several other accessories in the same pattern to create impact in the bedroom or any room of the house. The only limit is your imagination!