Fake Grass Lawns

There are a lot of people who have taken to fake grass lawns like a duck takes to water. The reasons are not tough to imagine because having and maintaining a lawn is serious and problematic business. This is quite avoidable if one is adventurous and wants to take a fresh new perspective of what is possible.

Fake grass lawns have become all the rage particularly after the 1990s when fake grass moved from just the arenas and stadiums into the lawns of middle class American and around the world. Initially a lit of games like baseball, soccer and even field hockey migrated to artificial or ‘astro’ turf which is made of synthetic material that is easy to lay out and even easier to maintain.

Fake grass lawns bring a world of convenience especially to those who have smaller lawn sizes. If the lawn is huge and sprawling, spreading out an artificial turf may be a little of a hassle as well as a rather tacky and not so aesthetic thing. It may actually be better and more feasible for people with large laws to use synthetic material only for the edges or some small areas near the border which are difficult to maintain and could frayed and rather patched up.

Some people also prefer using fake grass in the back yard more than in the front yard, as hardly anyone looks at the back yard. A lot of prestige and ego is often attached in having a traditional grass lawn on the front yard, which is why the fake grass is reserved for the back yard.

At the end of the day, whether one likes and uses fake grass lawns or not is a matter of one’s attitude. If one is bold and unaffected, such lawns will really have no impact on the social standing of the person, because after all a large part of the decision to go in for artificial turf is based on economic considerations. What one does with one’s money, time and effort is essentially in the domain of personal preference and this should not be imposed on by the fear of censure or ridicule.