Fairy bedding for little fantasy bedroom

Fairy bedding is one of the most popular themes in bedrooms for girls today. Every little girl wants to see a fairy someday, so she’ll just love fairies fluttering all around her bedding too!

What could be more fun for your little one? Fairies are mystical, magical creatures of many of the bedtime tales we read to our children.

The Good Fairy, the Tooth Fairy – these are all part of young lives. Designer bedding with fairies can be found easily online these days.

•Laura Ashley’s line includes a toddler bedding set featuring the fairy theme. Including a comforter, flat and fitted sheets and a pillow case, this bedding set is attractive and very low priced considering it has a designer name brand!

The bedding comforter actually is light weight and looks much more like a machine-made quilt than the traditional thought of a comforter that is thick, heavy bedding. The set features pink, white, polka dots, starts, and the whimsical fairies. This fairy bedding is theme-based but is not “busy” with too many colors and patterns. The perfect toddler bedding set for your young one or as a gift for another friend’s child.

•Another fairy theme bedding set is the Sleeping Partners set. Featuring a quilt with a fairy, castle, carriage and, of course, the frog, makes the quilt a bedding item that lends itself to story-telling at bedtime.

The pillow shams of the bedding set feature a choice of choices from the fairy, carriage, castle or frog – you can get one of each for a stack of pillows or for variations. 200 thread count sheets are pink with borders of lilac depicting the fairy and other theme items. With both twin and full sizes available, this bed linen will fit any little girl’s room who loves the idea of a fairy in her bedroom.

•For the baby girl’s room, Fairy Dust by Glenna Jean provides top of the line crib bedding in pinks and whites. Satin, ruffles, bows and a net canopy provide a bedding ensemble that can set a nursery apart from any other fairy theme. However, the designer prices for these fairy selections reflect the fact that they are designer products.

While these bedding items with the fairy theme are of the finest quality, the prices are somewhat on the upscale. While not just for everyone, the tiny fairy fan that gets this bedding set will be truly lucky!

•For the do-it-yourself, budget minded mom, plain bedding can be turned into fairy theme items with iron on appliqués. These inexpensive add-ons make simple, inexpensive bed linens become the fairy sheets, pillow cases and blankets of the child’s dreams. And, while mom is applying appliqués, why not a matching fairy tee shirt for the little lady?

Choices in bedding depicting the mythical fairy doesn’t stop here! The list goes on and on. There are so many sources in every single price range you can imagine. Online shopping can provide easy access to obtain a general idea of your fairy choices, or even to do your shopping without leaving home.

Don’t let budget stop you, fairy sheets and bedding come in prices you can afford – regardless of how small or large your budget.