European bedding: now it’s not just in fancy hotels

Some of the nicest bedding and bed linens have always come out of Europe. People absolutely love the buttery soft bed linens that they enjoyed while on vacation staying in resorts, spas or finer hotels, where European bedding is used as a matter of course.

Until the popularity of the internet, it was almost impossible to get European bed linens- unless you were fairly wealthy and had access to the retailing outlets that were only located in the biggest cities around the world.

Fast forward to today and it’s a totally different story. Almost anyone can find Fine European bedding- and if you’re handy with a mouse, you can find some pretty great deals on: flat and fitted sheets duvets or comforters duvet covers pillows pillowcases and shams bed skirts All with some wonderfully high thread counts, 300 to 400 and way way up!

Made from the best of fabrics: Egyptian cotton percale silk satin Some of the most popular and recognized names in European bedding are:

(Italy): Frette Signoria Bellino Sferra

(Switzerland): Bonjour

(France): Anichini….Yves Delorme

Now there’s no need to hold out in your luxury hotel bed to snuggle down in those gorgeous European bed linens!