Embroidered pillows: a world of decorative choices!

Embroidered pillows make wonderful gifts or great accents for your home. Embroidery is an ages old art form that is still in use today. An embroidered pillow shows your sense of style and taste, and your flair for decorating!

There are several forms of embroidery you’ll find in pillows.

•Crewel embroidery is a common form of embroidery for pillows where thread is used to embellish any type of fabric using long stitches to create a picture. You’ll find crewel embroidery in pillows depicting wildlife, home scenes, and much more.

•Counted cross-stitch embroidery is another beautiful form of embroidery used for pillow tops. This form of embroidery is created on a special fabric available in a rainbow of colors. The tiny stitches used to create counted cross stitch embroidery are dainty and allow creation of scenes, words, and other pictorial graphics. Often this form of embroidery will be seen on pillows that say ‘Home Sweet Home’ and the like.

•Traditional embroidery is often seen on pillow that include dainty scenes or pillow cases that are embellished with ‘His’ and ‘Hers’ or floral scenes. This embroidery is created on most any type of material.

•Machine embroidery is created using a sewing machine. Often, commercially available mass produced pillows use this type of embroidery and you’ll find some beautiful examples of this type of pillow available in a range of prices.

You can purchase kits to create embroidered creations for your own pillows or, if you aren’t the dedicated crafter, you can purchase pillows decorated with embroidery. These pillows make wonderful gifts. They are so beautiful, you will want to select a few for your own home as well!