They’re not what they used to be: the electric throw blanket

The new electric throw blankets are much better by all standards than those older electric blankets. At 50″ by 60″, they’re perfect for having on the couch or maybe at the foot of the bed.

If you’re looking for info about them, you’re in the right place. Today’s electric throw blankets come in a nice range of colors like:

cranberry….. ivory….. hunter green….. even plaids

They’ll be available with a huge range of designs too, that will complement or match your decor.

•Normally electric throws are made of either acrylic fiber that feels like satin, brushed fleece, and sometimes denim.

Features of a few of the most popular electric blanket throws that are available:

•Most of them have a shut-off feature that kicks in after 10 hours for safety-worry free

•They’re washable-and the better blankets will never shrink, pill, or wear down in spots

•They’re lighter, with flexible elements that are more comfortable and heat more evenly over all of the blanket

•Multi-year warranties from the better manufacturers for peace of mind •Some offer remote controls, with larger beds having 2

•Some are even remote control-how cool is that!

•Full range of temperature settings so you have exactly the right warmth. Here are few tips about safely using electric blankets. It’s all basic common sense:

•Read the manufacturer’s instructions and actually follow them.

•Make sure the cord hangs loosely and isn’t twisted or pulled too tight.

•Never use an electric blanket throw with a scorch mark or any exposed elements.

•Make a habit of just checking your blanket over now and then, and it will give you many years of toasty warmth.