Enjoy the royalty of Egyptian cotton sheets!

Egyptian cotton sheets are a must-have in your linen collection! Why? The answer is simple: Egyptian sheets are unlike any other sheets.

The cotton grown in the Egyptian Nile delta of is some of the finest cotton grown anywhere in the world. The Egyptian fibers of cotton are longer than other cotton fibers grown elsewhere. The Egyptian product is more flexible and much, much softer than other cotton. Egyptian sheets use cotton that has been spun into stronger yarns for longer sheet life.

The result will not pill, or wear thin and become only softer and more supple. A wonderful treat to sleep on! Without using chemical treatment of any kind, Egyptian sheets use this cotton to retain softness that can not be compared with other bedding.

•Look for 200 to 220 thread count for great daily use sheets.

•300 to 400 thread count per square inch is really in the luxury range.

Too much over that becomes more a matter of personal taste rather than actual value in Egyptian cotton bed linen. If you are shopping for sheets from Egyptian cotton, keep this in mind.

•The thread count may not seem high when there seems to be such a flurry over how high can thread counts get. But the softness and quality will be there. You may find sheets that are part cotton, part polyester in a much higher thread counts, but you’ll probably be sorry in the long run if you pass up the 100% pure Egyptian sheets!

The life span of sheets made of cotton from Egyptian sources just can’t be matched when compared to other cotton sheets, and they certainly outlast the cotton sheets which are part polyester. When first purchased, the cotton sheets may feel a bit stiff. Wash them and you’ll start to feel the difference. Care of Egyptian cotton is little different than that of other sheets.

Washing in hot or cold water is fine, but bleaching can break down any fiber over time – yes even these fine sheets. Gentle drying is suggested, either in the tumble dryer or on the line.

•Some people like to iron their cotton sheets because it helps create that softer, luxurious feeling more quickly. For thousands of years – as far back as the pyramid building era, Egyptians have slept under and worn products made of this fine cotton. It withstands continual use for long periods, making it perfect for many domestic products. It will always outlast other types of cotton.

These top quality cotton sheets also make lovely gifts for any occasion. Remember to follow the care directions on your Egyptian sheets and your sheets will last as long for you as they did for Cleopatra!