Is there any wonder why Egyptian cotton is the best?

Cotton is the world’s most widely used fiber, and when it comes to bed linens it’s the same. Egyptian cotton bedding is widely considered one of the best.   Aside from the fact that it goes great with any single or double mattress.

What makes Egyptian cotton bedding so great?

It’s the long fibers, averaging from 1-1/8 ” long 1-1/2″ . This means that the threads spun from it will be longer, more stable, stronger and softer.

It won’t pill, or form those annoying little balls of fabric that happen to lesser quality bed linen after repeated washings.

This cotton bedding dries fast, is lightweight, soft- yet durable. The perfect bedding.

Other highest quality kinds of cotton: Supima, Pimam, Sea Island, and American Egyptian.

You can get Egyptian cotton bed linen for all of your bed’s needs: pillowcases, bed sheets, flat and fitted sheets, comforter covers, and yes, even bed skirts.

You’ll have absolutely no trouble finding bedding from 100% Egyptian cotton when you check online, from famous names like:

  • Frette
  • Bonjour
  • Anichini
  • Martha Stewart

And you’ll be happy to know that some online companies market Egyptian cotton for bed linens at a more economical price-without the designer or brand name, but the same quality none the less!

Thread count numbers seem to be a hot topic in bedding these days. Let’s break it down some. The number of threads occupying one square inch of fabric has to be by definition, finite and limited.

Look for numbers in the following range for your bed linen:

  • 200-220 is a respectable thread count
  • 230-280 is better
  • 300-400 is best

Anything much higher than 400 is a subjective matter according to some experts that say that because the threads have to become thinner and thinner to achieve those sky high thread count numbers.

At that point, some companies divide the threads and then weave them together (2ply), so that their thread counts can be higher. Having said that, lots of folks swear by their 1000 thread count luxury bed linens and wouldn’t dream of having anything less!


Aside from the fact that it goes great with any single or double mattress.