Duvets: here’s some tips on picking just the right one

Duvets can be considered the crowning touch to your bedroom decor! They’re one of the first things that you notice, and it’s what we’ll snuggle up under after a long day, so why not get the best that we can?

That doesn’t necessarily mean expensive either, so no worries! Some of the most popular duvets are made of: •polyester •down •cotton •silk

Polyester– They’re the most economical duvet. They’re warm and lightweight, and these duvets come in a huge array of designs, colors and prints that will match or compliment any bedroom decor. They’re so popular because they’re durable, tough, and can really decorate any bedroom with flair! Some of these polyester duvets are even reversible for added extra value. Just flip them over for a brand new look! These comforters are usually machine washable too, which is a better option for some people. They can’t be used by some people that have severe allergies though, and they’ll get stuffy at times because they don’t allow the body to breathe like cotton, silk or other natural fabrics will.

Down– have traditionally been at the head of the class for luxury and warmth. You can pick these types of comforters from various weights, according to fill power, or how many ounces of down are actually in the comforter. The higher the number, the warmer the comforter will be. Fill power numbers: • close to 600 is good • close to 700 is better • 700 or more is the best, with 800 or more being rare and very expensive Look for ‘baffle’ or words with ‘baffle box construction’ in the description. This means that your comforter will have an internal layer of fabric that holds the down in place inside the box design for maximum loft. It also keeps the down from shifting around and forming lumps. If the comforter doesn’t say baffle box or baffle, then chances are that it is ‘sewn through,’ which is more economical, but also not as well made. The down may shift, and your comforter may lose loft, meaning the down will over time not stand up like it did at first, meaning the down will lose insulation and not be as warm and comfy.

Cotton– They’re made of natural fabric that ‘breathes’ or lets moisture wick away from your skin. This way you sleep better and your bed stays warmer. Granted, these comforters are a bit lighter in weight than other comforters can be, so just throw and extra blanket on the bed and you’re good to go. You’ll find them in all sorts of colors, prints and styles. My personal favorite comforter has a white background with multi-colored hearts on one side and polka dots on the other! Not everyone’s taste, but I think it’s fun! It just goes to show how many different possibilities there are with comforters. These are also inexpensive and can just be machine washed. Pretty neat. I also get a new look by slipping on a different comforter cover on it, so everything stays looking great.

Then you have silk- which has now come into their own as an alternative to down. Silk bedding like this used to be reserved for the wealthy ruling class in Asia, but now these duvets can be in almost anyone’s bedroom! The best types of silk comforters are made with grade-A mulberry silk floss, and are available in all standard bed sizes. They are lightweight, allergy-free and are even warmer than a medium weight down comforter according to people that use and love them. Normally they’ll come in white or off-white, so you’ll need a duvet cover for these. They will also need to be professionally dry-cleaned to keep them clean and comfortable.