Duvet covers for style and comfort

Duvet covers for your bed protects your fine bedding and gives you some extra designing possibilities too!

The advantage of using a duvet as a cover for your fine bedding, such as an expensive hand-made quilt or down comforter, is that the duvet covers protect the fine bedding against shedding skin, body oils, minor spills, and other things that would require frequent cleaning of the inner bedding.

If you have ever priced dry cleaning for a fine quilt, you understand why cleaning it less often is a huge advantage! You’ll find duvet covers in 180 thread count up to 300 thread counts, and sometimes even higher.

Most duvet covers are made from cotton, but some are made of linen, satin or even silk for the ultimate in luxury!

Having fresh, smooth fabric cotton or silk on your bed is always a shear delight, and you’ll be sleeping like royalty! You can buy just a duvet cover alone, but it really makes more sense to buy a duvet cover set, which will also come with matching pillowcases. Some of these duvets are incredible gorgeous, with every possible color, fabric and weave that you could want.

How about a deep purple, copper or pearl silk jacquard? How about a rainbow of choices from white and beige to sultry black, stripes and prints. There are duvet sets available to match any bedroom decor imaginable. You’ll look like a professional designer when you add a splash of color and style with your new duvet covers- and your bed will thank you too!