A duvet cover and exciting design possibilities

If you need a duvet cover to put the finishing touches on your bedroom decor, then shopping for one online is the way to go.

Duvet covers may sound very mysterious to say, but really they’re just a perfect way to keep your sometimes expensive comforter clean longer-in addition to being a really nice way to transform the look and feel of your bedroom.

After all, your bed is the main thing you focus on as you enter your bedroom, so having several different styles and designs of covers can help you create any atmosphere and statement you’d like, from soft and restful to bold or striking.

The most popular types of fabrics you’ll find these beautiful covers in these gorgeous options:

•100 % cotton, sateen, silk, denim and linen

•polyester and microfiber The most popular way to buy covers for your duvet will come in a duvet set- which will include:

A cover for your duvet in standard full, queen and king bed sizes, and matching pillow shams, according to bed size.

Usually the full and queen size will have 2 standard size pillow shams, and the king will usually have 2 king size pillow shams.

Let’s look at some nifty cotton duvet cover options:

HBC offers an Egyptian cotton duvet cover in 600 thread count fabric which offers the softest feel and a cozy sleep experience. The duvet cover is available in burgundy, gold, ivory, taupe, or white sateen solid color fabric to mix and match with your other bed linens. The tight weave will hold up for many years. The Egyptian duvet cover is machine washable on gentle cycle with bleach-free detergent.

Egyptian duvet covers can be helpful to people who suffer allergies. Because the duvet cover contains any dust or other allergens, preventing them from entering the nasal passages. The Tiga Collection offers soft sateen 600 thread count Egyptian cotton duvet covers woven in Italy. The sateen fabric is cozy to snuggle under. The understated ivory color will blend with all your fine bed linens.

Carthage Collection, another Egyptian duvet cover collection woven in Italy, is manufactured from 400 thread count Egyptian cotton fabric for a soft feel. The duvet cover features embroidered details reminiscent of the ancient naval port of Carthage which was the center of Mediterranean for centuries. The dark cream Egyptian percale features copper or sapphire embellishment for great looks and elegance. You’ll love this great Egyptian duvet cover and fit it will mix and match with your finest bed linens or you can purchase coordinating selections featuring matching embroidery on sheets, pillow cases, and shams.

The Ygle Collection, a newer name in quality Egyptian duvet covers, offers solid sateen or hydrangea pattern 100% Egyptian quality 518 thread count cotton to fabricate the beautiful duvet covers which offer a smooth hand and soft feel to the touch. The collection of duvet covers is available in a wide range of colors and you’ll find the coordinating linen sets prefect for your bedroom décor.

The better quality covers will have thread counts of 200 or higher. The higher your thread count number- to a point, the softer and more luxurious the cover will feel against your skin. If you really want to sleep in luxury, try going for a 400 thread count cover with pillow shams in 100 % pima cotton sateen.

You won’t believe how much better you’ll sleep! And the newer microfiber fabrics are also very popular because the fibers are so small, can be made in a huge variety of colors and designs, and can even be made to feel like suede!

You’ll find covers for a duvet in a rainbow of colors and designs. Some examples of what’s possible-

Ivory…raspberry…deep blue….terra cotta….and even geometric patterns in bold colors like yellow or mint!

Make sure you check the manufacturer’s laundering instructions before you toss your covers in the wash, a lot of times this will be fine, and others will recommend professional laundering.

There’s something just perfect for your bedroom designing ideas when you let your mouse do the walking.