Dupioni Silk Bed Linens

Dupioni silk bed linens can help you create an elegant, luxurious haven in your bedroom or make it easy to dress a tailored guest bedroom. Dupioni means ‘double’, but what, exactly, is dupioni silk? And why is this important to you ?

Dupioni silk, used for creating bed linens, comforters, duvets, and clothing, is woven from slubbed yarns. What is slubbed yarn? According to the patent for this type of silk yarn, the yarn is passed through an area of liquid turbulence that has two counter-directional fluid streams under different pressures.

By passing yarn through these currents, slubs — somewhat like nubs — are created in the yarn. This random slubbing effect results in a yarn that, when woven into fabric, creates a knobby, untreated, natural look, much like raw silk. It looks and feels more natural and has some very interesting texture to it.

Classic dupioni silk fabric is woven with a very tight, plain weave using fine warp yarns and heavier, knobbier fill yards so that prominent, random crosswise ribs are formed. The resulting dupioni silk feels crisp, and a crunchy hand, no shine, and an uneven texture. The fabric is then dyed with vibrant shades, many times iridescent, or left in silk’s natural cream-like color or bleached to white.

When two or more silkworms spin cocoons close together, the cocoons’ filaments become slightly tangled. These silk cocoons are then harvested and made into fine or heavy slubbed yarn. Dupioni silk is farmed rather than harvested from wild silkworms so that their living quarters can be crowded, makes the chances much greater that cocoons will be tangled.

Once dupioni silk is woven, it can be used to create elegant, inviting bed linens. Chaitra Prints offers a line of dupioni silk bedding sets which are available in many different prints and a huge range of colors. Each bed set includes an elegant dupioni silk duvet, a silk bed shirt, a quilted silk bedspread, two pillow shames with frills on the sides and two square throw pillows. Chaitra Prints will even custom make bed linens to your specifications.

Jiti has, perhaps, the largest selection of dupioni silk bedding of all types. Their bedding items are designed by Goga Bouquet and made from 100% dupioni silk. Luxurious, vibrant, exotic colors and textures are tasteful and refined. Jewel tones add enrichment as well as a sense of softness to a modern or Oriental d‚cor bedroom. Unlike many multicultural designs, Jiti’s Goga Bouquet designed silk dupioni bedding is never garnishment or displeasing to the eye. With the rainbow of colors, you’ll find comforters, duvets, shams, pillows cases, sheets, bed skirts, accent pillows and many other accessories to create the perfect bedroom featuring silk bed linens. The sizes available in these top quality bed linens range from twin size to California king. With the huge selection of colors such as olive, midnight, sage green, branch which is a grayish green, gold, slate blue, and several more.

Frontgate’s dupioni bedding in silk features and entire line of bedding and bed linens in shades of ivory, cream, white, and tan. The dupioni duvet, bed skirts and shams feature end to end stripes. Floral embroidered accent pillows coordinate perfectly. You might also wish to include the dupioni diamond quilted silk coverlet. This bed linen line of dupioni silk is perfect for creating a peaceful, serene, not to mention luxurious bedroom.