Down comforter: the height of luxurious bedding

Down comforters are widely considered to be the height of luxurious bedding. If you’re looking into getting a down comforter online, then you may want to use this handy little guide to give you some pointers.

First off, what makes these comforters so special, and sometimes expensive, is the down itself. Down comforters are made from the insulating tufts of feathers from the undercoats of various waterfowl, like ducks and geese.

The tufts trap warm air next to the bird’s skin. And this is why we love down for our comforters. It keeps warm air in, and keep colder air out. For the ultimate in luxury, some folks out there might be tempted by the pure eider down comforters made from (what else) eider duck down.

But for the rest of us who want great quality without the incredible multi-thousand dollar price tag, there are lots of wonderful choices available!

Look for these features in your down comforter and you won’t go wrong: The fill power number means how many cubic inches of space that down will take up. The more fill and loft, the more air it will trap, and the warmer it will be.

up at 600 is good quality

up at about 700 is better

700 and up is the best,

with 800 or more being very rare and expensive.

Look for ‘baffle box construction’ or words with ‘baffle’ in the description.

This means that the comforter will have an internal layer of fabric that holds the down in place inside the box design for maximum loft. It also keeps the down from shifting around and forming lumps. If the comforter doesn’t say baffle box or baffle, then chances are that it is sewn through, which is less expensive, but also possibly not as well made.

The down may shift, and your comforter may lose loft, meaning the down will over time not stand up like it did at first, meaning the down will lose insulation and not be as warm. And then there’s thread count of the comforter fabric. Look for numbers from 230 to 380 or so for the best in softness and durability.

A higher thread count will also mean a tighter weave that keeps the down from coming out of your comforter over the years. Most of the time, comforter fabric will be made from either 100% cotton or silk.

And don’t forget a duvet cover, or comforter cover to protect that investment. It’s a good idea to have a few on hand so a fresh one will always be on the comforter to keep dirt away from it. With all of the excellent choices available to you, you’re sure to find the perfect down comforter online. And you’ll sleep like royalty too!