Where to start when looking for down bedding

If you’re dreaming of some down bedding to indulge yourself in, then there’s no better way to find it than shopping for it online.

Down bedding is made in all of the standard bed sizes from twin to California King, and includes:

featherbeds-a mix of feathers and down meant to be used for an extra layer of softness on top of your bed and under the fitted sheet. Look for baffle box construction so that the featherbed will retain it’s loft and warmth over time. Ultimate luxury and warmth in bedding! Dry clean these.

pillows– mix of feathers and down for superior warmth and softness. You can pick from a variety of heights and fill powers for your pillows, most important thing to consider is your sleeping position:

A flatter down pillow is best for those that sleep on their stomachs.

Medium height down pillow for back sleepers and a higher loft down pillow for the side sleepers among us.

Also look for the fill power number, which will tell you how warm your pillow or other bedding made with down will be. At about 600 is good. At about 700 is better. At about 800 is considered the best.

blankets– made with down are gorgeous blankets that can really dress up your bedroom! The available colors are lush and they add that extra layer of warmth anytime of year. Look for box construction so the down stays evenly distributed. A lot of times the covers and trim on these down blankets are made of either satin, silk or cotton.

comforters– which are designed to fully cover your bed with the ultimate mix of feathers and down. Pick these comforters according to how much warmth you need, light, medium or heavy. Also see the above numbers on fill power. Don’t get too heavy of a comforter, because, unless you need it, that much down will be hot and uncomfortable. Look for baffle box construction, not sewn through. Your comforter will be better made and the down will retain it’s warmth and loft better. Don’t forget the comforter cover for this investment. Dry clean these.

With all of the selections available online for bedding made with down these days, you’re sure to find something just right!