Disney bedding doesn’t have to be expensive or hard to find

So your kid wants Disney Bedding. Whether it’s the Disney Princess collection, The Incredibles, or Toy Story bedding, you’re probably concerned.

You’re thinking that Disney bedding will cost a lot and then in a few months the craze will be something else. You will have to toss all of the expensive bed linens to prepare for the next fad.

Before you break your kids’ hearts and say ‘NO Disney Bedding,’ check around online. This stuff has resale value! It’s amazing. There are millions of collectors – children and adults – who will pay money for this stuff! As one of these Disney collectors who goes a little nuts on EBay, I can tell you why these things resell well.

I have a 101 Dalmatians bathroom. The shower curtain has to be replaced from time to time. I like to have some shower curtains in reserve so I never run out. I have about 3 curtains in my drawer that I bought on EBay. The same is true for Disney 101 (and 102) Dalmatian towels.

As long as they were well taken care of, I buy used towels for my bathroom all the time. People will buy Disney comforters, Disney sheets (though not as often as other bedding accessories), bed skirts, curtains, rugs, and knick-knacks. As long as you keep it in good condition, you should be able to resell any bedding items of Disney characters. In fact, sometimes these things become incredibly collectable.

Certain accessories that match the Disney character bedding, like lamps, clocks, stuffed animals, and Disney character piggy banks can sometimes bring in much more than their purchase prices when new.

So if your child or children really want bedding of their favorite Disney characters, go for it! You can always sell the comforter, accessories, and even sheets later on EBay to pay for the next bed set.

One note: Because getting a good night’s sleep is very important for little ones, check the label on the Disney sheets. A really good idea is to go plain on sheets – plain white usually works best. Then the bed skirt, comforter, and pillow shams can be the Disney characters. This ensures that your child is sleeping on softer, more comfortable sheets.

You can spend a little more on higher thread-count plain sheets because you can use them with more themes. Besides, Disney sheets may fade a little bit over time, and can be harder to keep in great condition, and usually bring in less money if you do try to resell them.