Dinosaur bedding- a roaring great time for kids with the dinosaur themed bedroom.

They’re only kids once, right..? So it’s cool you’re looking into giving your kids a roaring great time with cool dinosaur bedding. There were times when I’d lay there at night wondering what it must have been like when dinosaurs populated the earth.

It must’ve been incredibly exciting but scary at the same time of course! That seems like forever ago to me now.

But what fun it would have been to have a bedroom that was decorated with quilts, pillowcases, sheets and maybe even posters sporting some of our favorite dinosaurs like the T. Rex.

I did some hunting online and found That Company Kids offers a couple of different dinosaur themed bedding collections you might be interested in.

One I really like is Dinosaur Jungle Quilt Bedding .  It features a nifty looking quilt in tan that sports green blue and brown dinosaurs and trees on it.  It’s trimmed in green.

Looks like everything in this dino bedding is made of 100% cotton and machine washable which is pretty convenient for kids bedroom especially.The colorful quilts look like they’re available in twin and full or queen.

You can get a standard size sham for an extra layer of warmth on cool nights which matches this design — it’ll be 21 x 27 inches.

Also available are appliqué flats sheets matching the design team in twin full and queen as well.

Add to that a standard pillow case and you’re well on your way to creating the perfect dinosaur themed bedroom.  Note that the sham sheets and pillow case can be monogrammed if desired.

All of the items that I just mentioned can be purchased separately and don’t look like they come as a set automatically.
If you really want to go all out, then you might be interested in optional stuff for your kids bedroom.

How about spelling out your child’s name in dinosaur themed letters for the wall.  You could also add a window panel that has dinosaurs walking along the top for that little extra Dino — touch.

You can also get wall dinosaur jungle wall appliqués to put wherever you like.
They also offer a jungle rug that coordinates perfectly with the rest of the bedding in this collection, which is pretty cool for lounging around on for reading or coloring.

And to all of that you could top it off with Stegosaurus lamp.  I know that if I had a bedroom decorated like this when I was a kid I would have really loved it a lot!  I think it’s nifty that you’re interested in creating such a fun bedroom with dinosaur themed bedding for your child.