Deep pocket sheets: more comfy sheets and sleep

Deep pocket sheets are made for mattresses that require a bit deeper sheet to properly stay on the bed, usually from 15″ to 18″ deep.

If you have a pillow top mattress, or have added a memory foam topper to your standard mattress, the thickness of the bed is deeper than a normal “flat” mattress – but more comfortable as well. By getting a deep pocket sheet, you have the space to place the fitted sheet on the thicker mattress and still have plenty of elasticized “tuck” to go under the mattress and properly hold your sheet in place on the bed.

Everyone hates having to re-tuck their fitted sheets every morning because they slipped off the edges of the bed. Deep pockets solve this problem beautifully. These sheet sets are available in almost any color, print or style.

The higher thread count options are available in 300 thread counts and up, and some of the most popular are sateen made with pure cotton, and in some gorgeous, lush solid colors like:



•sky blue

•pale green



If you’re really looking for something extra special fro your decor, you could go for something like a crisp hotel design collection or maybe a nice woven jacquard, which is a beautifully textured 1000 thread count sheet that is as stunning a bed linen you’ll ever see!

If you’re looking into something more for every day use, then don’t worry. Your sheets with deep pockets will cost only a couple of dollars more than those sheets with standard pockets.

It is money well spent to avoid having to struggle to get those regular fitted sheets on a thicker mattress. The few dollars you would save by purchasing sheets without deep pockets and then fighting to make the bed will be money well spent to save you headaches and stress-especially in the middle of the night when your other sheets would pop off the bed. argh.

When buying sheet sets, such as a “bed in a bag” collection, just check the label and see if “deep pocket” is mentioned in the description of the sheets. Everything else in the set will be exactly like any other bed sheet or pillow case.

Only the fitted sheet will contain the pocket that is deeper and allow for the mattress while still giving you plenty of space to tuck the pocket under the mattress properly. If you receive a gift set of sheets which indicate deep pockets, and you do not have a pillow top mattress, you can still use the fitted sheet.

It just may be more difficult to keep on the bed. But there is a solution! At each corner, hold the pocket in place with a large safety pin that goes through the deep pocket and the edging on the bottom edge of your mattress. It will stay in place just fine, even though your bed does not require sheets that are deep pocket. After all, you may choose to add a mattress topper at any time for extra softness.