Decorative pillows: add a splash of designing flair

Decorative pillows add a designer touch to any home’s decor. Such pillows can be found in a huge range of fabrics like:

gingham, cotton, silk, satin, brocade, suede, denim, velvet, chenille: the list is endless it seems!

And don’t worry about complimenting or even matching your present decor- no matter if they’re meant for the bed, the floor or anywhere else in the home.

You really can add a splash of creativity to your surroundings and transform any space with these beautiful decorative pillows.

A decorative pillow can be classically elegant to reflect your sense of style. Pillows with tapestry covering and gold silk tassels on the corners make a stylish statement anywhere.

What if you want a more casual look?

If your home has a more casual or country theme, you might choose quilted patterns, denim, or even faux leather for your pillows.

Teenagers love denim pillows- especially if you make them from their old jeans and leave the hip pocket as the decorative touch. Toss them on the sofa, in rocking chairs, or give a homey feel by piling pillows in the in front of the fireplace.

Simple pillows for decorative touches can be made easily at home.

Just purchase pillow forms, measure the decorative material to be slightly larger and allow for seams. Sew three sides together, wrong side out. Turn, stuff with the pillow form and blind stitch the remaining opening for a hand-crafted decorative touch.

For the more elegant decorative touches such as tapestry pillows with gold braiding and fringe, or those made from extremely expensive decorative fabric, it is best to purchase the pillows already made.

If you’re an accomplished seamstress, even these decorative items can be handcrafted and you can have elegant pillows for less than retail. If you are a novice, however, you could end up wasting some very expensive materials!

The novice seamstress could learn about pillow making with inexpensive scraps of material around the house, and create really lovely decorative touches for the home. As you’ve had more practice and are more confident in your designing abilities, then moving onto the expensive decorative fabrics for pillows makes better sense.