Decorating Your Child’s Bedroom – Customizing a Relaxing Retreat for Your Child

When it comes to decorating your home, there’s nothing as challenging as decorating your children’s bedrooms. You want to give them the best – a bedroom that makes them comfortable, that they will love, and that they will never forget. Creating a cozy room for your child isn’t as difficult as you might think – even if you are on a tight budget.

There are two schools of thought when it comes to decorating a child’s bedroom. One is developing a theme for the bedroom. The other is creating a basic background that can be personalized with accessories. If your child is old enough, the best thing you can do is work with him or her to create a room that will satisfy both of you.

Creating a Themed Bedroom for Your Child

Children’s bedroom themes are probably the most popular choice. Kids love to have their favorite characters or interests on display for the world to see. If your child shows an interest in a themed bedroom, keep in mind it’s usually an easy task to accomplish. Start by deciding on the theme…then you can select the right wallpaper. Next choose window treatments, bedding and accessories with colors and patterns that compliment the wallpaper.

The most popular theme wallpapers for kids’ bedrooms include:

• Noah’s Ark wallpaper

• Beach wallpaper

• Dinosaur theme

• Baseball theme

• Space wallpaper

Non-Themed Bedrooms for Kids

If you are looking for a decorating option that your child will like for many years, consider non-themed room decor. You and your children will enjoy the versatility and flexibility that a non-themed room offers, while staying within your budget. Changing the look and feel is as easy as updating accessories, such as wall décor, bedding, window treatments and accessories.

First, start with your wallcovering – choose your favorite wallpaper, border, personalized mural or whatever inspires you. There is a large selection of wallpaper in appropriate colors and textures that you can use to create a background that will adapt to almost any style and age group. You can choose among a wide variety of children’s borders or personalized murals to create just the look that you are after. Then using your child’s collections and toys as props, you can change the look and feel as your child’s interests change.

Some good children’s wallpaper choices include basic striped and plaid wallpapers. These are available in a variety of colorful and tasteful designs and patterns that will make your child’s room as inviting as you envisioned. It is inevitable that your children’s interests will continue to change, so if you choose an adaptable style of wallpaper, then you and your child will be able to evolve the decoration through the years. Non-permanent Peel and Stick wall murals are also good ideas for decorating your children’s bedroom. Since they are temporary, you will enjoy the ability to easily remove them when your child’s taste changes.

Decorating Tips for Your Child’s Bedroom

Kids love to display their stuff, whether it’s stuffed animals, a doll collection, sports gear or posters of their favorite characters and idols. By creating lots of organized space where your children can display their personal items, you will be happy with the organization and they will enjoy showing off their favorite items.

Remember, the first step to creating the perfect children’s bedroom is asking for their input – and deciding if you’re going to create a theme or non-theme style bedroom. Start by choosing the kids wallpaper for your children’s room; then decorate around it – they’ll then have a relaxing retreat they’ll love for years to come.