Custom Cedar Fencing

Tired of the same old privacy fence? Why not try custom cedar fencing!

Most cedar fences are made from Western red cedar. It’s a great choice because it can stand up to any kind of weather and it’s naturally resistant to decay and insects, too. The privacy fencing that most people use is also resistant to these things, but only because the natural wood has been treated with a lot of harsh chemicals that get into the environment through the soil and the water.

To avoid those kinds of things, cedar is a good choice for any homeowner. Another great advantage to cedar fencing is that it doesn’t swell and shrink as much as many other types of softwoods, so your fence will stay straight and beautiful for many years to come.

If you like the look of natural wood you can leave your new custom cedar fence just the way it is. If you want to paint or stain it, you can do that as well. Cedar provides a good base for staining and painting, and it stays straight and flat and holds fasteners very well. It will age well throughout decades of exposure to even the most extreme weather conditions.

The beauty of cedar never goes out of style and it can be used with almost anything. The rich color and texture of it mean that imitators will fall flat and your cedar will stand out in a crowd. By getting custom cedar fencing you show the world that you care about both beauty and quality, which is a nice combination to have in any endeavor.

When you decide to pick out your custom cedar fencing you’ll have some options. Western red cedar comes in some different grades. You can get a knotty variety or something more clear, and you can also choose the kind of surface you want – either rough or smooth. Another choice you’ll have to consider is whether you want a plain style of fencing or something more creative, as patterned cedar fencing is also available.

No matter which choices you make you can be sure that custom cedar fencing will give you a great product that meets your needs and wants for a long period of time. There are requirements that have to be met for structural integrity and the appearance of the product, and there is a Western Red Cedar Lumber Association created to make sure that the custom cedar fencing you purchase is going to give you everything you ask for.