Cowboy bedding — for boys who dream of riding the range

If your little boy’s idea of a great time in his riding and roping then creating his bedroom around that Western theme will be a perfect idea.
Company kids makes some nice quality cowboy bedding for children.  I can’t cover every single one of their bedding sets in this article of course, but let me cover one that I think is pretty cute, that your little cowboy is sure to love.

It’s Cowboy Percale Bedding, and it features colorful prints of cowboys roping steers and writing the ranch on a crisp white background.  It’s made of 100% cotton percale that is a respectable 200 thread count.  It should hold up nicely to many washings and keep its lively colors.

It might surprise you to know that you can have a flat sheet pillowcase or comforter covers monogrammed as a special little gift for your favorite son.

The sheets, flat or fitted, are available in all the standard sizes from twin to full and queen.  The pillowcase will be standard size, and you can order more than one if you’d like.  The comforter covers are available in twin as well as full or queen sizes as well.

If I were decorating my son’s bedroom for the perfect cowboy hideout, I’d consider adding some of these optional cowboy bedding accessories for his room —

A nifty colorful area rug in complementary dark blue, with yellow green and red detailing around the sides.  He’ll enjoy playing with his toys on this comfy looking rug.

I add the Montana quilt that coordinates with this kids cowboy bedding beautifully.  I love the patchwork of colors in red orange and blue that makes this quilt look tough and well made at the same time.  A nice touch for your little boys cowboy bedroom.

For fun you can add a white cowboy lamp with blue trim for his bedside, featuring a chestnut horse and rider with nice details.
Why not add in some other neat little touches like cowboy hats, little toy horses and wagons to help complete the look…?

He’ll just love his cowboy bedding and so will you!