Cotton blankets: that extra beauty and warmth all year long

A well-made cotton blanket is perfectly suited for when you just need a layer of extra warmth all year ’round. It doesn’t have to be confusing when choosing your blankets.

Here are some ideas for cotton blankets and the varieties that you’ll come across when shopping for them online. They come in a wide range of looks, weaves, colors and styles to fit anyone’s decorating needs.

All are machine washable blankets unless noted. Some of the really popular types of all-cotton made blankets are:

Egyptian cotton, which is world famous for it’s long fibers and resulting softness and strength.

Pima and Supima cotton makes incredibly soft blankets- almost the same quality as Egyptian cotton, grown in the US. This cotton also makes a gorgeous blanket that makes a luxurious statement.

Traditional cotton cellular blankets- Very popular blankets, woven mostly in the UK. They’re perfect for any time of the year, have an open weave that allows for more circulation of air. Available in a full range of complimentary colors.

Fleece- some people really don’t believe that these blankets are made of high-piled cotton. They are especially soft and warm, and are perfect blankets for babies and adults alike.

Basket weave- hearty and solid blanket, especially great for kids because they’re a tough, colorful and easy care blanket.

Waffle weave-more open lighter feel that’s good for an extra layer on the bed.

Herringbone-a classic look that comes in many soft solid- colors that compliment your decor.

Then there are the cotton blends. They combine the best qualities of each fabric that when brought together result in beautiful, sumptuous blankets.

Some of the most popular options are:

Silk/ cotton blend blankets are lightweight yet very warm, and come in a beautiful pallet of colors to compliment your decor. Dry clean these blankets.

Chenille blankets-a mix of rayon/ cotton for an extra touch of shimmery softness and luxury.

With all of the incredible selections of these blankets available online, you’re sure to find just the right one to suit your needs and taste!