What to know about contour pillows


f you’re checking into getting a contour pillow, then you’re surely not alone! Gazillions of us have looked to getting contour pillows to help lessen the back pain and discomfort that go with improper sleeping posture.

How did these pillows even come to be?

Would you believe that it took NASA to help solve our sleeping problems?

They needed to come up with a foam that could actually sense the body temperature and weight of the astronauts, and give them overall body support without pressure points during periods of increased G-forces that occur during takeoffs and re-entries.

Eventually the memory foam pillow was developed from this material. Then another inventive soul molded it into a contour shape.

The first company to market these pillows was Tempur-PedicĀ®, and now there are many other companies that also sell their version of contour pillows. Why are these contour pillows so wonderfully popular?

The contour built into this pillow supports and aligns or neck and spine correctly, unlike typical pillows that are just flat or may actually lift the head and force us into uncomfortable positions.

We have better circulation with this pillow because our bodies are allowed to lay correctly, and pressure points are reduced so that we don’t toss, turn and even snore like we may with other typical pillows.

The foam actually responds to your body heat and then molds into the perfect contoured shape that cradles your head and neck. These pillows are hypoallergenic, because they resist mold and bacteria, and are easily washable.

Quiet possibly the perfect pillow. And you don’t even need to be an astronaut to enjoy it either! Look for a density number of 4 or better with these pillows. That tells you how dense, or supportive it will be and how long it will last. Of course the higher the number the more expensive your pillow will be.

I learned about the density number the hard way after buying one of these supposed contour pillows online, only to get a really cheap quality spongy pillow that just layed there liike a lump and had almost no springy-ness in it! A waste of 40.00. So learn from my mistake and don’t fall for cheap quality imitations.