Chenille Bedspreads — Dressing Your Bed Delightfully

Did you know that chenille is the French word for Caterpillar…?  It perfectly describes the poofee patterns and textures on these Chenille bedspreads that were wildly popular back in the 60s and 70s. Chenille yarn had really actually been around forever, but it wasn’t until an inventive woman from Georgia developed the now famous stitch that produced bedspreads that beautifully graced countless beds all over the country.

They were made of 100% cotton and featured gorgeous intricately detailed geometric patterns that looked just like lace.  They added exquisite floral accents in a wide variety of colors to create a true work of art in chenille.

Then the unthinkable happened — in the 1960s manufacturers thought that they would save some money on cost.  And so they tried to switch the fabric they used from cotton to polyester, which is a man-made fiber that when used to make fabric normally results in a more plasticky, heat retaining bedding that pretty much everybody hated.

These polyester bedspreads would pill and get dirty very quickly — and let’s face it, cotton just feels so much more natural when it comes to bedding. If you use your cotton bedspreads to sleep under, they’ll allow your body to stay dry and comfortable because they’ll wick away moisture from your body.

The authentic chenille bedspreads have made an amazing comeback and is now manufactured by many different companies. The floral designs are incredibly popular, and you can get them in solid shades of all kinds as well, from ivory pink and blue to just about everything else in between.  You’ll find prints of all sorts with stripes, flowers, dots and more in any configuration pretty much you can imagine. Some of the most well-respected chenille bedspread manufacturers are Morgan Jones and Cabin Crafts if you want only the very best in chenille bedspreads.