Chattam & Wells company

Chattam & Wells is a nationally recognized company specializing in premium bedding textiles. The founding family brought their passion for excellence in craftsmanship from Russia to the US in the early 1900’s.

Chattam &Wells continues to have a reputation for quality and value. Their warming blanket offers customers warmth without all the worry of the heating blankets of the past.

They are made of soft, warm micro fleece. New technology provides warmth efficiently:

Light weight blanket- no bulky heavy wires to poke through or overheat!

Computerized control automatic shutoff after 10 hours- less worry over safety.

Low voltage draw- less expensive to use.

This warming blanket is available in the standard bed sizes: twin full queen king In the following warm colors that will match or coordinate with any bedroom decor: blue…. ivy…. lilac…. linen…. natural…. rose.

While these new electric blankets may not be readily available at many retail locations, people who shop for them online will be happy with the selection they find- and the prices are quiet good too!