Chainlink Sliding Gates

Chain link fence sliding gates are quite in vogue nowadays. These are stylish and can fit in very well in your driveway or your backyard. The most important thing about sliding gates is that the gates do not requite too much space in front and back of the gate as is the case with swing type gates. In chain link fence sliding gates the gate can slide over the rail within the same allocated space, leading to better usage of available space. Another unique feature of this gate is that it does not need leading rollers also.

These leading rollers are not operable in conditions of snow as well as ice as it would get stuck up. One could also add an electric operation system to the chain link fence sliding gates for an automatic operation. These gates can indeed be made of pipe, but then it should be of a suitable size and in the case of using a double cantilever it may be so huge that smaller sized persons may not really be able to open it up easily. Otherwise a single leaf gate can be used for smaller and lighter gates that can be used easily.

Apart from pipe, chain link fence sliding gates can also be made of stylish and more expensive materials like aluminum. If it pleases you, you can also use steel and wood though the size and the weight have to be within limits. If these materials are used and the weight is high, you would be forced to use 2 hands or perhaps call someone to help you every time you attempt to use the gate.

Very large and heavy gates may even require elaborate contraptions and railroads for the gates to be slid upon these in a manner which is electrically operated. Another form of chain link fence sliding gates are those which use the crash proof cantilevers (security type) where the two gates are welded next to each other like a rectangular box frame. These gates are such that there are posts and the gate passes through the latch posts in a very smooth and effective manner.