Chainlink Gate Latch

When you are setting up a fence gate, having proper chain link fence gate latches is of utmost importance. A latch is defined as a door or a window fastener that holds the different parts of the door or window together when it is closed. In case of chain link fence gate latches, these are latches that are specially designed for chain link fence gates. When it comes to chain link fence gates there are different kinds of latches that are possible including top pull, vertical pull and the side pull that are the different ways in which the gate latches work.

Top pull chain link fence gate latches are magnetically triggered gate latches that are quite adaptable and fit with various kinds of gates. Thes latches are also quite sturdy and fit extrrenely seamlessly leading to smooth operations, you can pull up the latch from the top which is why it is so named. These are also quite child resistant and this is important so that kids do not get away by using the latch. It is also very easy to install and works like a dream. These latches are very popular and are also available in black and white colors on account of which these look attractive and work even better.

The vertical pull chain link fence gate latches are a variation of the top pull latches. These are rather shorter versions of the top pull and are pulled up vertically instead of at the top like the top pull. The other features remain similar like the top pull including magnetic operation, child proof and also easy adaptability and fitting with various gate types. You will be amazed at the easy of operation of the vertical pull chain link fence gate latches that add so much comfort and convenience to latches.

The side pull chain link fence gate latches are sold individually and acer also quite flexible and fit in well with various kinds of gates. These are indeed child proof and do not allow kids to just open the gate and walk out onto the road. These have spring loaded action as well as stainless steel bolt loaded action that adds to the security of these chain link fence gate latches.