Chain Link Wire

Chain link products are perfect for fencing and gates as they are light, durable and also provide an overall acceptable as well as attractive look. If you have a house or a mansion, you can very well enclose your whole house with a chain link fence and ensure that intruders as well as animals are kept out effectively. Chain link fences are also used in schools, parking lots, enclosures of offices and malls to name a few of the place where you can see chain link fences and gates.

When it comes to the material that the chain link fence is made of, many times galvanized chain link fabric is chosen because of its unique properties and salient features. Galvanization is a well known process whereby steel is coated with zinc in order to make it weatherproof and rust-free. You will be amazed to learn that the process of galvanization has been practiced for over 2 centuries now with the express purpose of rust-proofing steel material.

Galvanized chain link fabric is simple to use and long lasting, giving your fence or gate that beautiful, glazed look that remains untarnished for years on end. These materials have long been used to provide security and weather-proof covering to steel. So you have the strength of steel and rust proofing of zinc, which represents the best of both worlds.

Galvanized chain link fabric is generally sold in rolls of 50’. If you require a roll which is greater than 50’, you can easily have the meshes inter-twined together seamlessly. If your requirement is smaller rolls, one can also easily cut the mesh accordingly. The galvanization process is known as the ‘hot-dip’ process where the steel is dipped into piping hot zinc that coats it for rust-proofing the steel. The heavier the gauge of the galvanized chain link fabric, the longer it is hot-dipped in zinc.
When you use a galvanized chain link fabric fence, you can add different privacy slats of different materials for better privacy. These also add to the overall look and feel of the fence and make it look exquisite to the eye, while also protecting effectively from intruding and prying eyes.