Celebrate March Madness with College Team Bedding and Accessories

March is here, and with it comes watch parties, brackets and bets as everybody settles down to watch the NCAA basketball teams fight their way toward the Final Four. And your husband has declared your house to be the official March Madness headquarters for him and all his friends.

You already know how to throw a fantastic tailgate party. It’s a delicate combination of the right food, the right decorations, and good television reception.

But why not go a little further this year? Make your husband’s month by redecorating the bedroom with his favorite college team’s bedding. Not only will he get to brag about his amazing wife, but he’ll be the envy of all his friends. Who wouldn’t want a woman who understands the passion a man can only feel for a sports team?

Here are a few tips for sprucing up your bedroom in the March Madness spirit.

Remake the bed with college team bedding

As the biggest piece of furniture in your bedroom, the bed is the best place to display your team spirit with college team bedding. Many online stores have just about every NCAA college team logo available in their bedding selection. Some of those stores also have March Madness promotions, which could save you 10 percent off your college team bedding. You don’t just get the chance to redecorate the bedroom; you get the chance to save some money while doing it.

Add it to the windows

Want to spread your college team’s logo around, but don’t necessarily feel like buying curtains and valances? Make curtains out of your college team sheets. Hem them with some fabric glue, and voila! You’ve got inexpensive curtains that took scarcely any time to make. Put them in your bedroom, or put them up in the living room for when your husband has the boys over for game time.

If you do feel like going all the way, many sites that offer college team bedding also have curtains and valances for some of the teams. Check and see if they have yours.

Decorate the floor

College team rugs are the perfect way to display your spirit throughout the house. Do you have hardwood floors in the living room? Add a foot-friendly Kansas Jayhawks rug to show your college team love and add some color. Do you want to cover up the carpet? A UCLA Bruins rug will take care of that nicely.

Make your house into March Madness headquarters today!

Go beyond the typical paper plates, cups, and napkins for March Madness 2008. With some college team bedding and accessories, you can have a decked-out NCAA destination that will show your favorite college sports fans that you really know how to celebrate March Madness. Plus, you’ll have one happy husband, regardless of whether his chosen team makes it all the way or gets out in the first round.