Cedar Fencing – To Stain Or Not To Stain

Whether to stain your cedar fencing or leave it natural is one of the decisions you’ll have to make when using that wood. If you don’t treat your cedar fence it will fade to a grey-silver color which some think is quite pretty and others dislike.

Personal preference is the key with whether to stain your cedar fencing or just leave it alone. It has been said that, eventually, much of it will turn black, which most people don’t like at all. Others say that it only turns weathered grey and remains that color.

Some of the difference in belief and opinion may come from the climate that a person lives in, meaning that the fence would react differently based on sunlight, humidity, and other factors. Having your fence turn black might not be a good choice.

In order to avoid that, staining your fence may be necessary, and you can either have someone do it or do it yourself. This depends on how much money and time you want to spend on the project, as contractors can be costly and doing it yourself can take a lot of time and effort.