Best Ironing Board Covers on the Market

If you invest in a solid ironing board then it can easily last for a few decades and possibly might last for the rest of your life. However, if you are a frequent ironer then the ironing board cover will not likely be as lucky. Before heading out to a buy a new ironing board cover however you need to think about a few simple things to make sure that you get the best ironing board cover for your board.


The very first thing you need to do is make sure that you are actually looking at ironing board covers that are going to work with your ironing board. To do this you need to get out a tape measure and actually measure how wide and long your board is. Make sure you account for whether or not the nose of the board is blunt, rounded, or tapered because even if you buy the best cover on the market it will be the worst for you if it does not fit.

Aesthetic Value

Of course, you also want to think about what appeals to you. There are many different patterns and materials so you need to choose what is going to fit best for you. You also need to think about what you frequently iron with, steam or non-steam because there are different surfaces that are better fits for some types then others. For instance, reflective ironing board covers are great because they send the heat back to the garment to increase the speed of ironing. They are also stain resistant, but can cause the fabric to slide around a bit so for people that sew they may not be an excellent choice. These are some of the considerations you need to make when matching a pattern you like with a cover that will work for you.

Functional Value

Finally, you need to look at how functional the ironing board cover is going to be when used on your ironing board. In order to determine this you need to take a look at the padding thickness and the way that the cover attaches to your ironing board. Most ironing boards are made from foam or felt, but generally foam is the better choice because it is stronger. You want to make sure that the padding is at least 4mm thick under it and even thicker if you can because it needs to cover the ironing board mesh marks so that they do not end up being pressed into your clothes.

How to fix dents and scratches in your wooden folding card table

If you look around your home, there is a better than average chance that you will see at least two or more pieces of furniture that are made from wood. This is an excellent material for furniture, especially since it will generally match with almost anything you own. Repairing an heirloom is one thing and might warrant the need for a professional to address the issues. When it comes to something like a card table, there are other less dramatic options to make it look decent again. The first thing you should do is to evaluate the table and make sure that the issues are not part of a bigger problem, and the table is worth fixing.

What You Need To Fix A Dent

The solution for fixing a dent is to raise the wood, and that can generally be accomplished through a process that steams the material. You will need three items to complete this task, a cloth or paper towel, an iron that you would use to flatten or press your clothes and some water. Locate the dent and pour some water on it without flooding the entire table. The goal is to cover the dent and nothing else.

The Process

Place your cloth or paper towel on top of the water and the dent and the water should begin to blot through it. Take your iron, which should already be on and set to high and apply it to the cloth. Apply a decent amount of pressure to the iron moving it around on top the cloth before. You may need to repeat the process a few times until the wood reverts to its original state. More often than not, this will be enough to help you achieve your goal. If you still see an outline, then you should be able to fix it by rubbing some sandpaper over the affected area.”

Dealing With Scratches

Unlike an heirloom or some other treasured piece of furniture, a card table will encounter a lot of use and scratches. Based on the depth of the scratches it is feasible to disguise them using a variety of home remedies. Eyebrow pencil, crayon, iodine, shoe polish and permanent markers are just a few tools that have proven successful in covering up scratches with the least amount of time and energy.

Challenging Scratches

Card tables with deeper scratches could be a little more challenging. You can remove your scratches using the same method as the dents with the iron, cloth and water and the results should be just as effective. It is important to remember that you must keep the iron in motion to provide you with the desired results. Simple scratches can also be removed using sandpaper that has been moistened with water.

Best Wood Fence Designs for Your Community

A fence is an option for privacy and keeps unwanted visitors out. The best wood fence designs for your community are dependent upon your needs and legal regulations. Fencing is used to prevent sound from disturbing the quiet of a neighborhood and decorative effects.A wood fence makes a yard a cozy place to spend time. Although, a dozen homes are on a row, your yard will feel like a world into itself. Gardeners are especially fond of picket wood fences. Flowers look especially lovely with this inviting style. However, many homeowners reach for privacy in the patio area of property and use taller wood fencing.


Build a wood fence out of, post, rails, or use a picket fence to increase the value of your home. Communities designed by the same builder may have a standard size and color of fencing set aside for the development. Older neighborhoods are more diversified in fencing styles. Individual homeowners in a more flexible setting, choose styles more conducive to their personal home styles. Split Rail, Basket Weave, Slip Board and English hurdle fencing are a few of the wood fencing styles available to homeowners. Stockade and Lattice top fencing is very popular in many suburban areas.


A wood fence improves the look and value of a home. The value a wood fence offers in peace of mind is immeasurable. Kids can play in more safety when balls stay in the yard and strangers stay out. This is an excellent way to let pets exercise without worry.


Deciding upon the best wood fence designs for your community may require a consultation with the municipality. Organizations related to the community may dictate the type of fencing and the amount used. Homeowners association and city codes get a deciding vote on the height and setup of your homes fencing.


Getting the best possible installation helps a fence to last and look great. The American Fence Association lists a number of qualified installers, helping homeowners find quality professionals to install their fencing. Improper maintenance and installation can cost money for repairs that are avoidable. A professional installer will be familiar with post and other fixtures that hold fencing together in your climate.People use wood fence designs in many neighborhoods, communities with homes in close proximity find wood fencing very useful. Every family has a different way of spending an afternoon on the patio. The best wood fence designs separate property, giving families privacy.

Benefits to a Fake Grass Lawn

Is Fake Grass Really Better than Natural?

What are the benefits to a fake grass lawn? If you live in on of the many drought areas in the country you might think that not having o water it was the main benefit. That is one of the many benefits of fake grass over natural grass. You can save fifty five gallons of water for every square foot of grass per year. Saving water for other more important things. With some areas facing water rationing his is an important consideration. The water savings alone, usually pay for a fake grass lawn.

There are other benefits to fake grass. It does not need to be fertilized. It does not require any chemicals at all. No fertilizers, or pesticides are ever needed to keep a lawn of fake grass beautiful ad green. The lack of chemicals make it environmentally friendly. When pesticides and other chemicals are applied to natural grass they sink into the ground water.

Having a yard of fake grass will save you time. The average person spends 40 hours a year keeping a natural beautiful. That’s basically an extra week of work every year. The time you save by not having to mow, trim, rake or weed can be spent doing fun stuff with your friends and family. Spending time outside having fun. Have a cook out, play sports, sit and visit. You can finally start to enjoy your lawn.

You might be thinking, that sounds great but does it really look like grass? The answer is a resounding yes. Synthetic turf has come a long way from the stuff they use to put on football fields. A high quality lawn of synthetic grass is laid over a base of gravel and rubber rock. It is soft like natural grass. It can be planted with trees and shrubs to enhance your total landscape. Trees will actually grow better since synthetic grass drains better than natural grass, and there will be no bare spots.

A lush, beautiful, synthetic lawn will save you time and money. You can spend your weekends relaxing in your yard, not working. Lay in the grass and look at clouds, while the hum of your neighbors mowing, again, reminds you how smart you are. If you ever truly miss yard work, you can buy some flower boxes and plant flowers. After all, you would not want your neighbors to get too jealous, or do you?

Why Wood Fences Are Better than Chain Linked Fences

There’s few things in life as important as one’s home. It’s a place of safety and security for our family. And it’s the image that we project out to the world. If someone comes to visit, the very first thing they’ll see is our home. Not to mention that it’s the image of ourselves we see reflected when we come home every day. But if our home is important, the things which surround it are just as significant in our lives. And that means that we need to put some extra care and attention into fences. One of the biggest choices when looking at fences is between wood and chain link. Both have some benefits, but there’s a few important reasons why wooden fences win the competition.

Wooden fences look better

Obviously everyone has different tastes. But there’s some aspects of style which society as a whole has come to agree on. In the 80s there was a lot of experimentation with overly artificial styles. One of the biggest experiments was the chain link fence for residential buildings. The experiment as a whole ended pretty quickly before the end of the decade. People as a whole agreed that a more natural design looks better than an artificial one. And in particular it’s vital to maintain a consistency with natural settings and natural style. A wooden fence fits in with the natural decor of a front or back yard. Where a chain link fence clashes with the appearance. The metal, the angles, everything about it clashes with a beautifully maintained lawn or garden. Additionally, it tends to make a home feel more like a jail yard than a place to relax. It’s not a very inviting way to welcome guests into one’s home either..

Wooden fences provide actual privacy

One of the biggest benefits of wooden fences is that they provide a higher level of security. Both wooden and chain link will keep people and animals out. But only wooden fences will keep prying eyes out. A home should be a castle, and it should be something that guests are invited into. With chain link fences, everyone walking by can take a good look at what you’re up to. This can be especially worrisome when dealing with children. A wooden fence ensures that one can rest safe and secure in the knowledge that their privacy is protected.

Wooden fences protect children

Wooden fences keep prying eyes from looking in, but they can also keep children from looking out. It’s an unfortunate fact, but car accidents involving small children are quite common. And one way that kids get involved is by seeing something that interests them when they’re playing in the yard. A moment of distraction while running inside to check on a meal is all the time it takes for a child to see something through a chain link fence and head out to investigate. A wooden fence is harder for small children to open, and it keeps them from seeing things in the streets which might pique their interest.


What are the Best Chain Linked Fences to Use

Good looking and versatile, a chain link fence can be a great choice. With the right selection you can anticipate years of protection and privacy. However, it is necessary to do your homework. There are many types of colors, sizes, and types of fencing. Before you make your choice, you should understand the basics of what makes the best chain link fencing for you needs.

The Coating

There are many kinds of protective coatings when it comes to a chain link fence.

Currently, the most popular is galvanized inline flow coating. As the steel becoming a pipe during the process, it flows trough zinc (which has been melted) and is coated on the exterior. For additional protection, an organic polymer compound can be used to treat the outside and fight against corrosion. On the inside, a zinc-filled coating offers additional protection.

On the other hand, a pipe that has been pre-galvanized is treated before it is ever made into a pipe. After welding and forming has been performed on the steel, the seam receives metal alloys that contain zinc.

Finally, a pipe can be dipped in galvanizing zinc that is hot. This creates a submersion that coasts every part of the exterior of the pre-formed pipe. For larger pieces, this is often the most popular method.

The key is to make sure that you have the right galvanization for your needs. While most applications do not require special galvanization, security fences should be pre-galvanized to stand up to wire cutters.


PVC and polyester coatings can be dyed in order to add some interesting visuals to your metal fencing. In addition, you’ll gain more prevention against corrosion. Typically, green and black are the most popular colors. However, if you need your fence to blend in to avoid attracting unwanted attention, a variety of colors exist on the market.

PVC can have a thickness ranging from 10 to 13 millimeters and polyester often provides a 4 millimeter coating (in the form of a powder). Either product, when applied correctly, will bring good results. However, beware that polyester will come with a warranty for 15 to 20 years whereas PVC is better for the long haul (albeit more expensive initially).

Chain link fencing is a great investment. It is good looking, strong, and affordable. However, many people rush into buying before looking at the most important elements. Avoid feeling buyer’s remorse and review the article above to give you the info you need to make the best decision possible.

Chain Link Fence Installation

Before Installation

Installing a chainlink fence is a process and is not as easy as it looks. First, in order to make it legal, you must obtain a permit from your local government. You must find out about type, height and setback regulations. . You also need to find out whether your particular neighborhood has any of its own covenants regarding type and height. Secondly, you must determine exactly where your property lines are established. That can’t be done without professional assistance such as hiring a surveyor or obtaining it in your city’s records. Next, you call 811, which connects you to companies related to home improvement and yard work.
Once you have done all of the above, you’re ready to start digging for the posts.

Beginning of Installation

First, you will need to measure about two to four inches for your post holes inside of your property’s lines. This prevents it from spilling into your neighbor’s. Next, measure the total area of your fence, including how much the mesh will take up so that you don’t end up spending more than you need. You may want to consult a local retailer for guidelines on how many posts you’ll need.
Start with the Posts

Next, you’ll mark the spots where you intend to dig the holes for your posts. You can do this with spray paint though it would probably be environmentally safer to do so with stakes. Now you’re ready to start digging. Remember, you don’t want your posts to be so loose that they could easily be dug up. The best way is to dig your holes three times the width and a third of the length of your posts with four inches to spare.

Next, you want to fill your holes with three to four inches of gravel and compact it to make a solid foundation for the posts. Now you’re ready to install the post. Mark its height with chalk to ensure that it’s equal to the mesh with about an inch or two to spare.

Next, make sure that the post is standing exactly vertical by using a carpenter’s plumb, clamps and pieces of lumbar. Then fill the holes with concrete and seal with a trowel (a small handheld tool with a flat but pointed blade) or small piece of wood.

Next, you’re ready to add the line posts. Just string the terminal posts and repeat the same installation processes.

Afterward, slide tension bands on each post as these help hold up the mesh. Top them with the corresponding caps and adjust accordingly.
Now you’re ready to add the top rails. Cut off any excess length with a hacksaw. If they’re too short, you can add length by using rails with coupling ends.

After all of the rails have been properly adjusted, add dirt and compact it firmly around the posts’ holes. Now you’re ready for the mesh.

First, install the tension bars through each end of the mesh. With help, you then bolt the tension bars to the posts’ tension bands. Then unroll the mesh and loosely tie the top ends to the top rails. Splice and remove excess sections as necessary. Stretch the chain length to prevent drooping then thread the puller’s bar. You’re now ready to install a second tension bar through the ends and stretch a second time. Tie the loose ends and add and tighten tension wire at the bottom of the mesh

Sources: (for definition of trowel)

Safe Bedding for Babies

Soft Bedding and SIDS

Soft bedding may seem like what parents should put in cribs for babies, but the exact opposite is true. It can be one of the leading causes of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. There are some important guidelines to follow for parents with new additions to the family, to make sure their babies stay safe.

Safety First

The first important thing to remember is to always purchase new cribs with current safety standards. The crib mattress should be firm and new if possible, and choose a flannel mattress cover for the most comfort. For the bedding to dress the crib with, keep it very simple. Don’t use any comforters or sheepskin style blankets. Use a fitted sheet on the bottom to cover the mattress, but skip using a big blanket. Don’t put any pillows at all in the crib. They can be suffocation hazards. For cooler weather many are advising babies be dressed in snug sleepwear so they stay warm without needing a blanket. If you have to use a blanket, then tuck one halfway under the mattress and the cover your baby halfway with it, tucking it under there little arms after you have laid them down on their back. That way the baby can’t pull the blanket up by their face. Never allow the bedding to be on or near baby’s faces while they sleep.

Safe Beds

New mothers might be tempted to let their baby sleep with them, but this is a bad idea especially if they have a water bed or other soft bedding nearby. Babies can roll over and the blankets can cover their faces not allowing them to breathe. The baby’s bed is the safest place for them to sleep.

Bed Alternatives

Bumper pads help keep the hard surfaces of the crib from hurting little ones, but some experts say they aren’t really necessary. Bumper pads with soft pillow like designs can be dangerous and lead to possible suffocation hazards. Newly designed bumper pads with breathable features allow air to pass through, so there is no danger of suffocation when using them correctly. Make sure any strings from the pads aren’t dangling where your little one could reach them. There are also pretty crib skirts and blankets designed with safety in mind as well. Look for bedding accessories that mention high safety standards on their labels before you purchase them. Also, research products to make sure there haven’t been any safety recalls on them before you use them for your baby.

Wall Mounted Baby Changing Table

Baby Changing tables make the chore of changing a baby much easier and convenient.  Many baby changing tables have storage space for the products used in the process of changing a baby. However, many homes have limited room for furniture, especially items that are used infrequently as is the case with baby changing tables, which are used several times per day but not for extended periods of time.

A Wall mounted baby changing table provides all the functionality and ease of use that regular versions provide, and in addition, they also provide extra space in the room where they are located. Even if you have plenty of room in your household for new furniture, anything that can save space and be simple and easy to use is an advantage to consider when you are purchasing new furniture for your home.

Choosing an appropriate and easy to use wall mounted baby changing table is very important. First of all you must consider the size of your baby. There are a number of different sizes and models available in stores; however it is generally a good idea to opt for the largest option available to allow for growth of your baby over time. Also consider the decor of the room in which the baby changing table will be placed. It should ideally blend in with the room furniture and general decor of the room instead of standing out. Choose a color and style that blends in with the room decor built with material that is consistent with the material of other furniture in the room. For example, if all other furniture in the room is wooden then choose a wooden wall mounted baby changing table.

Let us now consider the ideal features of a wall mounted baby changing table. Wall mounted changing tables differ in design and style. They also differ in features which they offer. Some offer storage space for items used while changing a baby and some do not. You should learn the pros and cons of the options available. Some designs are useful as everything you need to change a baby is close at hand, saving you valuable time. Other designs are focused more on the comfort of your baby than yourself. There are some designs that are more comfortable for your baby, providing padding for comfort. Try to choose a design which offers features that are convenient for both yourself and your baby.

Different designs and styles can be purchased from a number of different baby supply stores. However, don’t overlook other places such as furniture stores. You also have the option of buying online which might help you save money depending on what exactly you are purchasing, and from where.

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Wall Mounted Tables for small sized homes and offices

When space is at a premium or you have a small sized home, apartment or office space, wall mounted tables can be the right solution for your needs. There are styles that are suitable for any location be it a bedroom, office or even a hallway. Wall mounted tables are available in a wide variety of styles and models. If you need space to setup a home computer in your bedroom or office, you can find just the right wall mounted table to suit your needs, if you spend a little time doing research.

The most obvious place to look for wall mounted tables is online on search engines. If you go to a search engine, and type in “Wall Mounted Tables”, you will get a whole lot of companies that manufacture these kind of tables.  There are also several different styles and models available in online stores; some have a facility for using cables for computer, TV, etc, while some others are intended for use in corner walls in bedrooms and offices.

Some wall mounted tables are meant for you to sit on and do your work. Some other wall-mounted tables can be used as a massage table or even as a spare bed, in case that is what you need. These tables attach themselves on the lower end of the wall, and only protrude out a little over six inches when folded up. Then when you pull it out, small legs extend outwards to give good support to the table.

In addition, there are some wall mounted tables that do not fold up. There are companies that manufacture all kind of wall mounted table units. You have tables like a mini-bar that attach directly to a wall, and have one pair of legs that extend outwards. Some of these tables can be quite expensive, so it is best to shop around for the best deals. The best place is to look in online stores.

In home offices, where space is at a premium, you can setup a wall mounted table for your computer that folds up flat against the wall and folds out to hold a keyboard and flat monitor. That utilizes the limited space efficiently.

Finally, for those of you who want to build a wall mounted table from scratch, you can get plans to build exactly what you want. There are websites that can provide you with plans to build a wall mounted table yourself. Home improvement stores like Lowe’s and Home Depot sell plans that can help you build your own wall mounted table. You can also check out local stores like Target, Walmart, etc that will have units that you can buy and install.

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